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  1. Yeah, I'm hearing it as that too. Thought at first it would just be an intro or something.
  2. Oh, wow, thanks man! I dunno if I'll have enough money even for this, but who knows, maybe some time in the near future I'll be able to create that Sword Man/Bubble Man remix I've thought of. Yes, really.
  3. Aww, now we won't get a Storm Eagle/Storm Owl remix. Although on the other hand, Toxic Seahorse is one of my favourite maverick themes, so I guess it was a win-win situation. Or something. And yet another great round of mixes this week! Seriously, I wish I had the technology/software to actually make music, because I'd love to participate in one of these.
  4. I'm just glad we haven't had a match up where both contestants had to drop out. Course, now I've probably jinxed that or something, haven't I?
  5. Gonna say something potentially blasphemous here: I'm not a fan of either Slash Beast or Blaze Heatnix's themes. That being said, serious congratulations to Gario and Amphibious for making two really awesome pieces of music out of those themes!
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