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  1. I was trying to improve my style, not sure how to use it or as which genre/style I should advertise this...
  2. Ok, so I'm trying to get back to try some orchestral soundtrack music. My question is... is this the right direction or am I'm missing something? (the drums sound a little Amok, i know ^^)
  3. Made a rock-like modded version
  4. Actually I don't know what Genre I have to pick for my tracks :/ Feedback is always welcome
  5. I love those ring tones. Are they original tracks or shortened versions of other tracks of yours?
  6. Actually I don't know what I could write about this track...
  7. Updated it and remade the whole drums part (was still on my todo list anyway). I don't feel really good with drums especially when it's about samples and mastering.
  8. Wow, that's some impressive feedback. Thank you alot, I'll definitely look into that.
  9. Recently I started a new attempt to this one first remix for me
  10. Hi, This is basically my 2nd try for Video Games Music Remix and the 1st one to present to the community. And since it is my first VGMRemix I thought to post it in a really early state to get some feedback and see if I'm doing things right so I can fix things early... At the moment I'm just glad I got the melody and stuff to sound right. Now I can start the part with messing around.. add filler parts.. improvise.. effects.. additional voices... intro.. ending etc etc. and in case someone doesn't know the game...: This is the original track - and this is the track during gameplay:
  11. Hey, thanks alot. I really appreciate that kind of feedback Yea, I use FL Studio and will most likely try your advices.
  12. Thanks I really appreciate your feedback
  13. Hi, thats my latest composition. I'm not sure what inspired me to this. I guess it's just my style and it's one of the outcomes from my FL studio practicing
  14. I'm quiet new to serious attempts of soundtrack composing I used to do more electronic stuff and started yeaaars ago with writing midis. Now that I got my hands on some soundfonts I wanted to try something orchestral I'm still practising and I know I need to improve (in general, not only this project) on percussion, fillers, dymanic... but I dont know where to start.
  15. I listen to ocremix for years now and never thought Id get over my shyness of showing stuff I make hobbywise to the community