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  1. Thanks for your support from anyone who bought the album! If you haven't yet, I recommend checking it out!
  2. Kickin' it old school! Thanks for checking it out everyone, share with your friends!
  3. 30 Games for $15, they need more money so I can get my games, join up! LA Game Space is a nonprofit center for videogame art, design, and research. It is a place for game innovation, education, and exhibition; where all of us can play and make and study and showcase games. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lagamespace/la-game-space-a-place-for-re-imagining-video-games
  4. They're original, I may turn them into full tracks later, but haven't yet. Check out my full albums if you like the ringtones.
  5. I decided the ringtones on my phone could use some improvement so I whipped up a set of 2 chippy ringtones and 18 chippy notification sounds. Enjoy free from Bandcamp Admit it, you've always wanted your phone to do the Game Boy "Ding!" every time you get a message
  6. Hey guys! It's official! My track Gambit is on the Rock Band Marketplace; download it and let me know how it plays! Free download of the track here: http://zef-music.bandcamp.com/album/blackout Page here: http://www.facebook.com/zefmusic Share it around, thanks for your support guys! Super boring RBN page for the song: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/games/offers/80000fff-0000-4000-8000-000045410914
  7. Thanks Kanthos, you've helped out out a lot.
  8. Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun, Stemage is a great guy to work with.
  9. After looking around, the Kronos definitely looks like an option. is it a significant step up from the Oasys?
  10. I see you play keyboards. Do you have any knowledge on B3 Organ tonality? I'm trying to get Motoi Sakuraba's organ sound on Vintage Organs, but I can't seem to get it right.

  11. Hello everyone; I've been a keyboard player for 15 years and I still love to play, I had an acoustic piano available for all of these years, but now that I'm moving I'll unfortunately have to part with it, it's time to go with a more flexible and portable option. I'm looking to buy a good, high-end keyboard that provides both synth and piano sounds with a budget between $2000-$3000. Right now the most appealing option for me is the Nord Electro 3 HP Unfortunately however does not feature a synth section, which would be very nice for what I'm going for. From those of you who've tried quite a few keyboards which are the best value in this range? Hammer-action is preferable and at least 73 keys would be nice too. I don't need an arranger or the more complex workstation elements as I prefer to do all that on my laptop anyways. Also, has anyone tried the Electro that could vouch for it?
  12. Drifting Deeper My latest track with Guest star Stemage filling in some awesome guitar. Check out the rest of the album too; it's pretty great.
  13. Keep an ear out; coming soon! (Early Augustish probably) Tide ~ By Perelandra Records
  14. Thanks for checking it out. What if I told you I'm secretly working on a track with Grant Henry of Stemage and Metroid Metal? Strictly hypothetical of course...
  15. Haha, well from what I've read; the pure chiptune-remix front is very divided; it seems it's not quite up to the production standards here; but I can understand that; I'm in a niche and I love it haha. PS... thanks for the moolah!
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