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  1. So, the fragments of "Deciet" and "Creativity" ( Γ and Σ ) are working together to stir things up amongst the agents, who whoud've thought lol. I think where begginning to see the start of the Meta. I'm strapped in for this one!
  2. Just watched the PSA. Lol. I think the fact that I'm a physics undergrad makes it a little sweeter for me...
  3. Just finished watching episode 8! Liking that were getting to see some more action again. I kinda expected to see Tex pop out of the pod at the end, but Maine is badass too. I'm just curious to see what his armor ability is now that he has Sigma. And btw, am I the only one who predicts that Sigma is soon going to be running the show in the Sigma-Maine relationship??? Perhaps this is how the whole "Meta" comes into play? It will definetly be interesting......
  4. I'm loving that we're finally getting to see all of the AI's and how they actually make a difference in the freelancer's capabilities. Does anybody remember all of the AI's and, more importantly, which parts of Alpha they represent?
  5. I'm so pumped for this season. So many possibilities, so much awesomeness waiting to happen. And by the way, am I the only one who caught the Griff Ball game on the TV at the beginning of the episode?
  6. Here we go again!!! I absolutely cannot wait for this season to start. I just found this forum towards the end of the season last year, but now I'm looking forward to following season 10 with all of you! It looks like it'll be even more awesome than ever! Oh, and by the way, ELIJAH F***ING WOOD!!!!! How in the hell did they manage that!!??
  7. So how do you guys think season 10 will play out? I would guess that we'll continue to see flashbacks about the agents, and them getting their AI's as well. Cant wait to see the normal cast interact with Carolina though!
  8. That makes sense. Thanks for all your help. Already cant wait for Season 10! lol Bow chicka bow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Spoiler Alert Thanks, that was exactly what I needed to kick start my memories( no pun intended). But now that I think about it, I think Tex was created along with the Alpha; for the same reasons as you said, but just with Alpha rather than Epsilon. This is because the timing of everything makes more sense that way. This season we saw that Alpha the AI program, before he became Church in the blue army, existed throughout the activites of the agents in the flashbacks. Towards the end we saw the creation of Delta, implying that the Alpha had been split. But Tex was there as a new agent before that happened, right? So how could she have been created yet if Epsilon hadn't? That brings me to my only other question. What happened to make the jump from the Alpha AI we briefly saw this season, the the "Alpha Church" in seasons 1-5? As Alpha the AI, he seems quite bad***, doing calculations like Delta would (which makes sense because at that time Delta was "inside" him along w/ the other AI Fragments.). So why is it that when he is turned into a "person", he practically loses all of his "awesomeness".
  10. I've got a question about Tex. I understand most of the storyline since I've been following red vs blue since episode one, but i'm a little confused about how Tex, or Allison, fits in again. I took a long break before watching season 9, and so I dont remember all the details from the previous three seasons where all the explaining happened. I know shes related to the director somehow, in that I think she was his love? So how did she get brought back when Alpha, or church, was created? Does this mean that, except for how the director knew here, she was never a "real" person, in the same sense as church was always just Alpha?