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  1. This is the only graphic novel I have ever bought. Specifically because of its popularity. I'll be honest, I am absolutely sick of the joker. In the last 5 years we have had him in Injustice(I'm sure also in the upcoming injustice 2), Suicide Squad, The upcoming Suicide squad movie, Under the red Hood, 4 Arkham games, This movie, Young Justice, Dark Knight Returns part 1... and that is only off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more. The Arkham games were able to make other villains as charismatic and awesome as him so why are we so obsessed with him? How many people actually knew anything more than Dr. Strange's name before Arkham City? I'll still watch it, but I'll be doing it with the book open following along to see how close they get it.
  2. And Diamond weapon was there as well.
  3. Another FF15 movie trailer. I saw ultros in there.
  4. Oh my God, I can't believe how awesome this looks.
  5. But the problem is I know how to cheat the system. I can beat the game at minimum level with stats maxed out. All you need to do is max out your SeeD level allowing you to buy 30 tents which allow you to convert to 300 curagas that you can junction to your HP. Then convert Diabolos card into 100 black holes which you can concert into demi spells which are amazing for junctioning to strength. Convert Quistis' card into 3 Samantha Souls which can be converted into 60 triples apiece which is amazing for junctioning to both magic and speed. After that, junction Diabolos Encounter-none ability and you only need to fight bosses the rest of the game. And since the game's enemies scale to your level, they will all be weak while your party is severely overpowered. So no challenge there. I guess that since you need to play through the game a few times to be able to figure all this out, it can get a pass though.
  6. There are many progression methods to leveling up. Some games have skill trees, others have an automatic process as you gain experience, others make you quest for each new ability...... the list can go on forever. For the sake of this thread, let's assume that every game lets you level up to 100. At endgame, what level should the game expect you be? Should you be able to beat the game at level 50? At level 100? Or maybe you should hit max level halfway through the game? I only know of Far Cry 3 that did that (provided you were diligent) and I thought it was really cool. The second half of the game was just you being awesome and you know what? I'm going to start up a new game right now. All too often, games only allow you to be able to get the best gear or hit the max level right before the final boss and that really gives you no room to take in the glory of your long hours grinding. What level of progressing do you think works best in which circumstances?
  7. I've got one. The Curse of Monkey Island. I am almost finished with Tales from Monkey Island and going back to that one, it was one of the first games I ever played on PC way back in 1995. I couldn't appreciate it for what it was when it came out - with me being less than 10 and all, but the game is so humorous and has so much charm. I think if I were to pick it up again, there is no doubt that I would like it better now than then.
  8. I clicked the link and saw "An extensive look at FF15's first chapter" and I thought, why would I ever want to look at that? Why would anyone want spoilers? The first chapter is supposed to be jaw dropping and get you hooked. Reading spoilers will just ruin the experience. What did you guys think about the movie? Personally, I hate it when you play a game or watch a movie that you know how it's going to end. Like how you knew what was going to happen at the end of Halo Reach or Crisis Core. And from what we already know about the attack at the peace summit, the movie looks to have an obvious story direction. Other than that, I enjoy fast paced action and crazy fight scenes and this movie looks to have plenty in it.
  9. I've never played any mobas before. How would you differentiate it from something like say... team based diablo 2?
  10. Well look at that! A Final Fantasy XV movie is coming out with Sean Bean playing King Regis. Check out the trailer http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/03/31/final-fantasy-15-movie-kingsglaive-announced And at the same time, they are making a FF15 anime. http://www.ign.com/videos/2016/03/31/final-fantasy-15-brotherhood-trailer And one more for good measure. A new trailer. I'm digging the music. http://www.ign.com/videos/2016/03/31/final-fantasy-15-environment-trailer
  11. So I'm not itching to get my hands on tickets to see video game movies, but I have heard over and over again that there are plans to make a God of War movie, Uncharted movie, Sly Cooper, Darksiders, Shadow of the Colossus, Halo, Bioshock, MGS..... Whenever there is a popular game, they talk about making a movie out of it, but other than Ratchet and Clank, what happened to them all? Why make promises of projects that never get to see the light of day?
  12. You can take that title anyway you want. It could be that the games got better as the series continued, or a game released many years ago seems better with age, or that during the course of the game, it just got better and better til you reached the finale. Specifically I was wondering the third category because it seems all too often that game developers put so much work into the opening chapter to make a good first impression and then the quality only declines from there. I would have to say that Final Fantasy XIV counts as a game that gets better the further in you play. It starts you off slow, but very soon into the story you become the village hero, travel to other nations, slay the gods of the local beast tribes, join a crew of mystics, and eventually topple the empire's invasion force. I spent 6 months in that game and I am shocked at how much it was able to keep me involved.
  13. Guess that means I'm going to have to shoot for 265 tomorrow. I can't be left behind again.
  14. No, that's not it. That one bends your elbow. I found the opposite that I wanted though called the side lateral raise. I think I'll just switch up that one and do it forward which is tracked out as a straight arm pulldown.
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