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  1. Cool track, very atmospheric. I kinda felt like I was playing Metroid or something around 1:58. The drums don't have a lot of presence, but I think it works for the track up until the solo section (great solo by the way). At that point its more apparent how weak the drums sound when they're playing those more intricate fills. I like the intro/outro bookend, fits with the vibe of the rest of the song. Good job guys

  2. Always glad to see more metal. I LOVE the clean intro with the additional guitars being layered in before the distortion. Great arrangement, blending the different themes. Nice drums, although the fill at 2:05 is kinda weird, the sequencing everywhere else is fine though. I like the little bit of wah during the break around 2:45. Nice spoken vocal cameo, worked nicely, good emotional touch. Good job!

  3. Would love to hear more remixes in a similar style on the site. Very pretty and very awesome. I feel like the drums could be brought up a smidge in the beginning acoustic section. I like the transition to electric 1:44. Nice choir around 2:13. Great playing and great drum sequencing and fills. At 3:30, I liked the whistle but was not feeling the pluck-y synth, made for a good ending either way though. Great song

  4. Damn there's a lot of Dnb coming out of this album. Crazy soundscape and frantic feel. Machines coming alive was a good way to describe it. Really digging the beat in places. Loved the effect at 3:35 then the transition into the choir, which sounds strange and great. Really liked the build around 4:45, although then the release at 5:13 kinda flopped. I liked the switch to half time at 5:58. Good track

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