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  1. Very impressive, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Massively reminds me of Dream Theater. and that's a good thing
  2. Cool track, very atmospheric. I kinda felt like I was playing Metroid or something around 1:58. The drums don't have a lot of presence, but I think it works for the track up until the solo section (great solo by the way). At that point its more apparent how weak the drums sound when they're playing those more intricate fills. I like the intro/outro bookend, fits with the vibe of the rest of the song. Good job guys
  3. Not familiar with the source at all, but this is a wicked track. Very menacing. I like the synths and orchestration combined with the metals. 2:24 is pretty rad. Not real big on the ending though
  4. I liked the orchestral fake out. Drums sound great, everything seems very dramatic and movie-esque. The effect at 2:30 seemed kinda out of place. Nice ending, very heroic sounding
  5. Great take on the source, love the beat at 0:50. I think all the sampling and resampling paid off, track sounds burly. It does remind me of something like Justice. I was feeling the chopped up vocals too. The 5 something minutes goes by quick with this song, good stuff
  6. Extremely pretty and kinda jazzy in places. Very impressed with this one, one of my favorite solo piano remixes I've heard. Makes me want to replay CT
  7. Sweet stuff here. Loved 1:26, and the glitchiness around 1:50. Really smooth track, good transitions and energy. I really enjoyed it
  8. Love Castlevania, you should definitely play the other games. Very cool chippy sounds going on, feeling the drums. Tons of little detail, so much fun to listen to. Great remix
  9. Always glad to see more metal. I LOVE the clean intro with the additional guitars being layered in before the distortion. Great arrangement, blending the different themes. Nice drums, although the fill at 2:05 is kinda weird, the sequencing everywhere else is fine though. I like the little bit of wah during the break around 2:45. Nice spoken vocal cameo, worked nicely, good emotional touch. Good job!
  10. Very pretty, very calming. Pretty straightforward arrangement but that's fine. Everything sounds great, love the subtle choir and bells around 2:15. Wish it were longer, good stuff
  11. Nice development from the sources, though maybe a little long. Leads sound great, very spacy and kinda creepy in places. Love the violin, and 4:37 was pretty awesome. Nice work
  12. Crazy arrangement, a lot of energy. I like the dubstep elements. Don't really care for the sound effects, but they're better used than I would normally hear. I feel like some low end is missing from the mix, I want a big fatty bass. Cool song, shit's bananas.
  13. I can't not like anything Zelda. Nice stereo balance, all the instruments are easy to discern, sounds great. Guitar at 2:45 caught me off guard, it doesn't seem to belong with the track. I enjoyed the section at 3:15 much more. Classy stuff, funky and nostalgic
  14. Love this track, sounds like it should be in one of the games or in a Zelda movie or something. The arrangement is a little conservative but very enjoyable. The instruments sound fantastic, everything is very whimsical and uplifting. Love when the vocals come in at 2:00. Such a fun song, one of my favorites from the album.
  15. Love me some solo piano, gorgeous track, very emotional. I liked the inclusion of Yearnings of the Wind but I think the transitions between the two themes could have been smoother or more gradual. The ending chord could have been held a second longer too, kinda just cut off. Very pretty track, piano sounded great, and great performance.
  16. Would love to hear more remixes in a similar style on the site. Very pretty and very awesome. I feel like the drums could be brought up a smidge in the beginning acoustic section. I like the transition to electric 1:44. Nice choir around 2:13. Great playing and great drum sequencing and fills. At 3:30, I liked the whistle but was not feeling the pluck-y synth, made for a good ending either way though. Great song
  17. Very thoughtful, transporting track. I enjoyed the different sections and I can recognize the emotions behind them. I'm digging the dark-yet-hopeful-feel, although I think the song meanders somewhat. It's always evolving but I feel like it could be a little shorter and more focused in places
  18. This song is so much damn fun. Love the sound variety from the gorgeous opening EP to the guitar, strings, random shouting kids, both acoustic and later electric drums and synths. There's a lot of stuff happening in places yet everything sounds nice and crisp. Great production. This track is a big highlight for the album
  19. Beautiful ethereal build up into 1:00. Powerful, epic sound to the whole track, very transporting. Great expansion on a short source. Nice tapering off the energy around 3:50ish. One of my favorites from this album
  20. Gorgeous intro and nice guitar playing. Very pretty and epic with the choir coming in and the added electronic elements around 2:00. The beat drop at 2:33 feels a little sudden and awkward to me. That said, awesome touches like at 2:45. All the guitar sections later continue sounding great, and I like the violin(?) at 6:50. Nice track
  21. Damn there's a lot of Dnb coming out of this album. Crazy soundscape and frantic feel. Machines coming alive was a good way to describe it. Really digging the beat in places. Loved the effect at 3:35 then the transition into the choir, which sounds strange and great. Really liked the build around 4:45, although then the release at 5:13 kinda flopped. I liked the switch to half time at 5:58. Good track
  22. I'm feeling the delicious jazzy radio intro/outro sandwich. Loved this track, tons of energy. Big fatty beats. I liked the transition at 2:20. All the synths are very effective and enjoyable but maybe a little standard/expected. The intro/outro helps add more character to the track though
  23. The transition/fill at 0:26 was awesome, it's used later sometime too. Pretty gating at 1:12 and I liked the plucked strings/guitar coming in just after, stiff sample though. Interesting break at 2:55. Nice variety of leads. Ending felt abrupt
  24. Pretty intro, and I was pleasantly surprised with the transition into a hip hop style beat. The lead entering at 1:11 was very engaging, same with the transition around 1:53. The beat stopping around 2:34 and the shimmering synth coming in sounded great. Good stuff
  25. First of all, the track songs awesome, great production. Impressive expansion on the source although I started zoning out by the end of the 7 minutes. I was really feeling 4:25, and though I think the song could be shorter, it does maintain its energy well
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