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  1. Hey man, enjoyed the listen. I liked what it progressed into. Keep it up. ;D -JT
  2. I hope to be a regular artist on OC. It would be really cool and I'ma try and do the best I can to make that happen. Here is my latest Original track called "Sands Of Time" It develops into something magical with strings and such. Enjoy! Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/user4393066/sands-of-time-jt-original-mix
  3. Hey everyone, I'm rather new to this "Video Game Remixing" fun and I have submitted this track for mod review. I would like to see and read of what you all have to say. ;D A little about me. Name is Jeff, and my stage name is JT. Been playing piano since 5 and took 5 years of theory (1 year in college), and am also currently studying Audio Tech. I love Dance Trance music and started creating music about 4 years ago using a computer and my keyboard. I have just recently started producing "Listenable" tracks. I used the MIDI (Only source of the track I could find), to find the key, and view the structure of the track. The only part that I used note for note was the midbass in which I also messed with the arrangement. I hand built/wrote the rhythm arped synth with emphasis on the midbass. I used a trumpet (Which I played myself by transposing everything from concert C to Bb) to kinda glue the melody lead in with the backing synths. The sub bass is pretty straight forward and not over powering. All in all this is your typical straightforward progressive Trance Tune. Let me know what you all think. Best wishes and Thanks a ton, -JT Soundcloud Link: http://soundcloud.com/user4393066/nintendo-rambo-main-theme-jt
  4. I'll jump aboard this project. Been wanting to remix some of the tracks from Mario Kart, but never went through with it. I'll have an excuse too now. When would we like to start putting this project into action? -JT
  5. Hey, I'm fairly new at FL as well however I have found tutorials on YouTube from "dngmusic" on mixing and mastering, and from "Agniveshbaghel" on side chaining and stuff like that. And yeah have fun and practice. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing one of your tracks soon. -JT
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