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  1. Umm... both rhythm and lead I guess. As for Jazz and Metal... Metal, I think. I want a rock kind of sound. I've been using Slayer2FX on an Overdriven guitar from a soundfont uptill now (in FL Studio), but the quality of that isn't really the best. And is absolutely useless for leads.
  2. I see. Variating the drums if one of those things that I've been needing to work on for a while. Are there any specific parts where the sounds playing make it extremely hard to hear the drum loops? (I didn't find any particular parts myself, sooo...) I did try my best to make it sound different at each part, but I'm assuming the changes made were a bit too minor to keep interest. Thanks for the feedback; I don't think I'll make an updated version any time soon, but I will definitely keep these things in mind for my next remix.
  3. I made this remix a few months ago: http://tindeck.com/listen/nyml I took a somewhat different take on the theme compared to the other remixes I've heard (it doesn't have the original bass, for one thing). Constructive criticism is welcome! Source: http://youtu.be/_T7hdIh-gtw (Act 1) http://youtu.be/bd8G40yhxNQ (Act 2) Also uses parts from this track: http://youtu.be/sxImkPH2G40 (Chemical Plant Zone) (The remix was made using MIDIs from VGMusic; can't recall which ones specifically)
  4. Hey, I'm Blazaking. Also known as draze4blaze on YouTube. I'm into remixing video game music with FL Studio. Most of my remixes are Pokémon tracks, though I have some Sonic remixes and a Touhou one as well. Anyway, I've been eager to get my account activated so I can dive into the community and improve my skills!
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