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  1. i take it the unfiltered stuff are compositions for use with something movie/game ect and the other stuff is more proper songs? Just a guess from the length and the tags on the unfiltered stuff. I like that the tags tell the feeling you were going for and compare it with my initial reactions.
  2. HI! Was hoping some of you guys might dig this. We're a Rock band that uses video game sounds and samples as the through line and inspiration for the music we make. We released a new record Fascinating Strategies Against our Programming this week. Our record is free to download and stream on our website: theplaguesequence.com/ For this record we used pieces, parts and samples from video games including Megaman 3 (MurderWorld), Earthbound, NES Ducktales (Pinku) and various atari sounds (Our Eyes Shoot Lasers!). We even wrote a song about Bioshock Infinite (Failure to Fall). Also we end the record with a mash-up/rearrangement/cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" with music from NES Kid Icarus, then sing Japanese all over half of it (Icarus Mode). we hope you enjoy it.
  3. Our new Record is An Assault on Architecture. We've taken music from Killer 7, Xevious/Super xevious, Metroid, Metroid 2: return of samus, Castelevania 1 & 3, Katamari Damacy, Shin Megami Tensei 2 and others and turned them into original songs about a fictional revolution in a fictional city. It is free and weird and awesome. You can download it free @ : www.theplaguesequence.com AND Kotaku liked it http://kotaku.com/5901541/check-out-the-plague-sequences-brand-of-broody-video+game-inspired-rock
  4. Hi. My group is almost completed with our record. We've released a few tracks but don't know where exactly to share other than here because our music chops-up 8-bit/16-bit video game music into original compositions. This is the track we put out in October: http://soundcloud.com/theplaguesequence/klavica-vecta-figure-1-2 The samples are from, xevious, super xevious and metroid (nes). Other songs on our record have samples from metroid 2, the famicom shin megami games, mother and killer 7. I'm an awful person and can't handle criticism on completed works. But would love to hear any impressions from the OCRemix community. Other songs are conveniently placed on the home page of our website: http://www.theplaguesequence.com/ Our record will be free to download in February if you're interested. Thanks!
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