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  1. It seems like you have a lot of questions regarding specific sounds or styles, and asking us to pick them apart may take a long time between replies. Luckily, there are actually better resources out there for these kinds of questions! Let's address VSTs first. Sound hunting is hard, and even companies that create Karaoke versions of tracks have difficulty matching a sound, and sadly, not all of us are wizards of waveforms. The best thing you can do is see what free VSTs have to offer you, and not discrediting them because they are free. Popular dubstep artist Savant actually creates most of his sounds in FL Studio with free, already included software such as 3xOsc. It might seem a little daunting at first to mess with these knobs, but google "3xOsc tutorial" and you'll find tons of guides on how to get great sounds using just the basic package! Starting out can be rough, but playing with those settings for a bit will make you think, "pff, who even needs the sound [specific song] had? This sounds way better!" While I can't address your Megalovania questions, I can say that 3xOsc is a great place to start - if you want to make 8bit sounds, you might also want to look into magical 8bit plug. If you feel like you've reached the limits of what you can do with a particular plugin, try using filters! Filters can manipulate a sound to pretty much be anything. Think of filters as "effects". Want to make your piano sound like a guitar? FL Studio's Hardcore can definitely do that for you. Here's a video I made where I just mess with filters to make a single free piano plugin (PianoOne) sound a little more interesting (I even skipped to the actual track for you ) Someone earlier in the thread linked to other resources that I think are worth checking out, but I definitely recommend seeing what Sonic Academy has to offer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS972vXt4jnzkMlvHngalEg Also, I apologize if it seems like I'm demeaning your music creating experience by telling you to go back to the basics - but sometimes, it helps. Pre-made samples are nice, and using another person's instrument tone is a great place to start, but all of this starts with a little bit of self-research. Playing around in oscillators can help you understand how some sounds are made, and looking at tutorials will help you master how to get the sounds you want out of your DAW/VSTs of choice! Heck, even Toby Fox himself (the person who wrote the track you last linked) has a FL Studio tutorial that covers some basic things here: http://tobyfox.net/Tutorials/FLBasicTutorial.html TL;DR: There are likely better resources than OCRemixers - while we're happy to help, Youtube will probably be your best bet in learning how to get the sounds you want. (start looking through Sonic Academy uploads! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS972vXt4jnzkMlvHngalEg) Anyway, post things you make in the Post Your Original Music! section of the website, receive critique, improve, repeat.
  2. I made a remix of the first half of the Temmie Village theme to get myself back into the producing mindset. It's by no means perfect, I did not like the direction I took it. https://soundcloud.com/altheixm-unfiltered/temmie
  3. Hey dude, great tips, subbed. I checked out your second video as well, and it did a great job fixing most of the things that I was not certain about in your first video. The addition of music is nice. I'm about to nitpick, but the second video has a lot more reverb, still sounds good though. You even seem happier to record the second video. One thing that I would do, is add more gameplay and real-life examples. Your videos set up a great base for discussion, and they are educational, but you have an untapped market and can take it into a lot of different directions! I'm working on OST reviews with a similar focus on what they do right and wrong, I have one up, if you want to check it out feel free (PandorasBread). I'm looking forward to more of your videos!
  4. Oh hey, I'm scripting a video about this soundtrack right now. I like the music in the game a lot but I also think that there are things that could have been improved. I think it is cool how Toby reused themes. It is common for movies and video games to do that so people have multiple emotions associated with a theme (Aeris' Theme). Listening to the soundtrack from start to finish does not sound that great. Toby Fox did a great job of making songs fit a moment, but the inconsistency of soundfonts and instruments used makes it hard for me to listen to and enjoy. A lot of the sounds have different styles and make memorable melodies, and I can see Mother series influence in this - but what the Mother games did different, is that they used the same sound set for a game which makes it more listenable.
  5. I think the title should include something that's consistent across all three games. Some things all the games have in common: 1. Leaving home 2. Adventure with Friends 3. Something larger and more sinister than originally anticipated 4. Mr. Saturns (M2 and M3 only) 5. Search for X number of [melody or needle] Have you contacted the guy who is doing the soundtrack for Mother 4? He might be interested. We could do a name like "Mother's Lullabies" or "Searching for the Next Melodies". I'm not good at naming things.
  6. YES PLEASE! I've been waiting for this. What kind of style are we going for? The OST itself is all over the place.
  7. Hey, this is great. Good job on the arrangement. During the louder sections and places with more instruments it sounds fantastic. Harp might be a bit loud on it's own but I'm nitpicking.
  8. I'd like to get in on this. Was planning on making an orchestral medley.
  9. This was a project to see how filters can be used to create a "dynamic" track with only one loop. https://soundcloud.com/altheixm-unfiltered/ten-minutes-ii Really dry accompanying video here: Also, that soundcloud has various experimental things on it. Let me know what you think!
  10. Oh yeah, hah, I'm pretty aware of it's faults, and I made this track before I knew anything about mixing. Sadly I lost some of the assets but I can probably recreate them with enough time. I never really liked the "dubstep" feel of any song, I'd prefer an awesome melody over other things. I'll look into editing what you suggested, maybe I'll even post it again some day.
  11. Hello there OCRers! I don't know how valuable forum presence is to these fora, but seeing as I'm new, I have none, and I don't expect any of you to click on this. In the off-chance that you accidentally click on this due to a sneeze or what-not, here's an EP I released over summer - Feel free to download it for free, because even if you decide to buy it, I don't have a Paypal set up and your money would be sucked in by the void that is Bandcamp: http://altheixm.bandcamp.com/ Also in case you're still here, I have some other things I've done. I aspire to be a composer/engineer/bodybuilder and I'm slowly working my way up the food chain, and here's some of the things I've dished out. https://soundcloud.com/altheixm-unfiltered https://soundcloud.com/altheixm The unfiltered link is up first, I think the stuff there is generally more interesting, but YOU DECIDE! And thanks for listening!
  12. Hej everybody. I'm new here, and here's a thing I made a while ago. Gourmet Race Remix:
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