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  1. Downloading right now!! been waiting for years for this album!!
  2. Some really amaazing picks in here! Looking forward to hear Freya, Beatrix, Auron, and so many others. Good luck guys!
  3. I would do a round robin of 24, everyone covers only their char. Then the voters pick three or five (whatever you want) in order of preference, so you can list from the song that gathered most votes until the song with less. The first 16 qualifies to the playoff. 1 against 16, 2 vs 15, and so on. Just an idea.
  4. I didn't vote but i'm glad Superior X got a ten, his song is excellent.
  5. 40' of Snappleman, Norg, Finbeard? how not to love that? that's an incredible way to close an album. And the other songs are amazing too. Surprised of Jovette Rivera, superb track.
  6. Shnabubula and Gabe are sick people, somebody help them. Seriously, you have to be an X-Men to play like that.
  7. just six songs left isn't it? this is my most anticipated album, the performers are among my favourites artist. It's been too long.
  8. This must be the very first time ever i liked a videogame song with vocals. Congrats Jake, Tommy, for such an amazing song. You all really nailed it with this album. It's amazing, and i'm only in the disc 2. Edit: Oh, i don't want to be disrepectful, there are amazing singers around, it's just a particular thing of mine. I say this because i just listened "Till we meet again" and it's superb!!
  9. I'm halfway through the album... a little dissapointed by now, was expecting a bigger album in fact i thought this was some alternative unknown project to me... Very sad to hear only 1 second of Fishy's song, i think that's some kind of broken link or something. Congrats for the launch anyway, sorry for the poor feedback. Edit: Oh... i think i now get this...
  10. Once again the one that not compete is the one that made the best song in my opinion.
  11. This is hard... ill take a couple of days to vote.
  12. As Gario said, i was trying to say that i like his song a lot without saying "Gario's song is the best" or something like that. I know that Zircon is a beast, and he probably would have made a better song, i was trying to say something nice about Gario's song. Is not that terrible, it was a simple sentence... I understand that is not a matter of winning and losing, in fact, what i care is my MP3 full of songs from all of you, once again, just trying to say something nice for Gario, and a joke for Zircon, maybe i should not say anything considering none knows me.
  13. The only bad thing is that we didnt get your song but you didnt waste a slot, i think you would have lost because Gario made the best song of the Round.
  14. Its in the back, i loved the song, but i should say that the mash up is not polished...
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