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  1. Found it. I was doing exactly what Syllix suggested, playing through my entire library. Funny, it had nothing to do with OCRemix. http://cutrecords.bandcamp.com/track/will-this-ever-end-dfrnt-remix Man that almost took a year to find. Hahaha
  2. I'm quite convinced that it is within my collection, and I cannot find it.
  3. The song I am remembering is definitely an indie song (not inide genre, not rock etc). It won't be well know, or popular. And I would also assume it was from a video game, since it reminded me of Jillian. I've hunted through another good 500 songs today and still haven't found anything remotely like it. Here is the best I can possibly do for a tune excerpt. http://www.kisstunes.com/m3/s.aspx?v=qN64kH354161 "????? ????? ????? good e nough for you." Edit: I do not recall the song have very much in the way of "busy" music ness. Mostly just this woman singing.
  4. No. I know that the voice is female, and "good enough for you" is in discord. Voice reminded me of pixietricks, but I've looked through all of her stuff. I don't even remember enjoying the song all that much, but I'm very interested in finding it again. In fact the entire song is kind of off tune, in an artistic way?
  5. Still looking for this. I can't find it anywhere.
  6. So I just finished scanning through about 5,000 songs, 780 of which were from ocr. Wheeee~ No idea who the artists are, if it's even ocr, or what game it might be remixed from. (I thought it was from Aquaria, but i couldn't find it...) A lyrical excerpt, I think... "...isn't good enough for you..." Also, a theme might be "tired of....??" It's a woman singing, and she choruses herself on that line. On the off chance that someone happens to know exactly what song this is, yay! Running through ocr, I thought that it was perhaps pixietricks, but I didn't find anything. ;-; Anyways, thanks. Apologies if wrong section. Zag
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