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  1. EXCELLENT! I haven't heard much of them yet, but this looks like exactly what I need! Larry, you the man!
  2. I've been browsing for a day or two, but I've only found a little of what I want, so I'm hoping some of you can help me. I'm looking for remixed songs from video games (duh) but for specific parts of my own wedding. They need to be very chill, and I think I'm only looking for piano versions. I've already found a couple: Chrono_Trigger_600_AD_in_Piano_OC_ReMix Chrono_Trigger_Town_Life_in_Piano_OC_ReMix Sonic_the_Hedgehog_2_Above_the_Sky_OC_ReMix Parasite_Eve_Beauty's_Abomination_OC_ReMix Shenmue_Reflections_OC_ReMix Super_Mario_Galaxy_Gusty_Piano_in_a_Garden_OC_ReMix But I'd like more! The two Chrono Trigger ones are excellent, the Parasite Eve one is probably a little to "minor". I've tried doing several searches and now I'm going through songs one at a time, which is taking forever and yielding very little result. If you can help me search, or know of any specific songs you can recommend right away, it would help a lot!
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