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  1. On the one hand, you're absolutely right. There's no reason why a Mojang jam game would be anything special, and do have a serious sort of ego complex going on. The one guy in the video who goes "We're live streaming it for sixty hours... Live!" is clearly thinking this is some revolution that only Mojang is capable of. And it's not. But on the other hand, people honestly seem to care. When Notch did a live stream during one of the Ludum Dare jams, he made headlines. People around the world tuned in to see him work, never mind that the game he made was basically Minecraft again. So I don't mind Humble Bundle going in on this. I dislike Mojang for their cheap self-promotion, but the Bundle will make a lot more money for charity, which is kind of it's raison d'être. Can't really fault them for it. Plus: steampunk ancient Egypt? This I want to see.
  2. My name is CG Morton. I played piano as a youth, clarinet and saxophone in school, and more recently took up the bass guitar, which I play with some friends in both jazz and rock capacities. I like to think that I'm passably good. I've also dickered about with composition. For instance, I once transposed piano parts for every song in Final Fantasy (the first one). But now I'm trying to get proper serious. I mean to make video games, and I also mean to write the music for them. So I'm here primarily to learn what I can about making excellent music. Of course, I'm also a long-time fan of the site, so I'll try and contribute what I can. I may even try my hand at a remix, though they say it takes five years to be good enough to pass the judges, so, uh, don't hold your breath. Anyways, it's been lovely meeting you all! I hope we will be the best of friends.
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