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  1. Dangit. Can't get it without a facebook account. Is facebook such a universal thing now that no-one even considered that some people might not have accounts?
  2. Yeah, I'm switching languages (again), so I'm not going to be able to work on it anyway 'till I lean C++. I'll just write my own crappy music instead- not like anyone's going to play the game anyway.
  3. Whoops, sorry I disappeared. Forum software decided not to tell me there were new posts. Yeah, I'll take your help. I suppose you can just start working on the main theme for now, while I get the starmap screen fully functional. If you want, I can PM you my email address. EDIT: Vaugeness, right. Well, keygen/chiptune music is typically characterized by ultra-fast arpeggios, extremely lo-fi samples, and basic waveforms. It's music designed to fit into the spare memory of a Commodore 64. is a good source of examples.
  4. Well, I prefer to let people know where they stand. I'd rather not disappoint anyone too much.
  5. Enjoys all-night coding sessions and being silly on the internet. In all seriousness, I'm not sure this is quite the right place to put this, but here goes. I'm working on a 2D Elite/Escape Velocity/Transcendence-type game, and I need a soundtrack. I'm not good enough at teh musics to do it myself. I'm thinking of music styled after Keygen/Demoscene music, to go along with the retro-ish graphical style. Something like this. In return for your time I'll give you... nothing. But I'll definitely put your name and website in the game, at the very least in the credits (I was actually thinking of putting the BGM artist's name in the lower-right corner of the screen at all times, especially if more than one artist contributes). No guarantee that the game will become popular at all though- it might not even get finished. At the very least it'll be an opportunity to experiment with a different musical style. If you're interested, I suppose you can just post here with a sample. If I like it, I'll say so.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I typically put 30-45 minutes average into my remixes because that's how long it takes to make something I'm happy with. Maybe I just have low standards. Here's an example of what my tunes sound like, a short melody from Portal 2:
  7. I'm frankly rather suprised that this hasn't been brought up before. Seems more likely that my searching simply failed miserably, but ah well. It seems to me that what OCR, and indeed myself, are doing is in violation of copyright law. I'm sure that the idea of "fair use" has been brought up more than once, but I'm not sure it really applies unless you're making a Weird Al-style tune (that would be parody, which is explicitly mentioned under Fair Use law.). Are my suspicions correct? i've done a slight amount of research on the subject, and it seems to point towards "yes". The reason I'm asking is because I'm making the OST for a role-playing game called Netland, which is a crossover-type deal.The songs are mostly remixes of songs from their source material, much like OCR songs except not nearly as good.I'm looking for a place to upload them, but I don't want to get myself or the hosting site in trouble for breaking copyright. Also, on the subject, what are the legal and ethical implications of using MIDIs downloaded from sites such as VGMusic for remixing? I obviously don't directly copy MIDIs (well, actually I do, but only for personal listening; I don't plan to publish any of it), but oftentimes I'll break down the MIDI tune into its component chord progressions and mix them differently. I think that there's enough change there (30 minutes of work, usually) to justify releasing it (for free, of course) under my own name.
  8. That's helpful, but what exactly is a major tritone progression and how do I create one?
  9. Not at all, though I doubt there are MIDIs of it out there.
  10. I'm writing some incedental music for a writing project I've been working on for a while, and I need some more music that would be appropriate for travelling in space. This project's soundtrack is going to be composed mostly of remixes, and I've already remixed the Hyperspace theme from Star Control 2, so I need suggestions for tunes to remix. I'm better at remixing from a MIDI, so if there's one available a link to it would also be nice. Thanks.