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    From Greybox to XBox my life has been one continuous 1-up sound.

    This is my favorite video game track of all time:
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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome Rozovian, Big Seiken remix project, eh? Another square gem. I have to admit, I've got my eye on faith total machine.
  2. Hai to all, Video games are the best. Remember that feeling you got when you were right in the middle of Chrono Trigger for the first time? I mean right in the thick of it? Like just got to Magus' castle with Frog, Marle and Chrono. That to me was the pinacle of video game ecstasy. That is the dragon i've been chasing since my halcyon days of super nintendo youth. I'm excited about video games, music and video game music. I am an eclectic, full time composer living in LA. I love to collaborate so don't be shy. I'm excited to look into the remixing competitions and to meet the people on the board.