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  1. I think I got this mix once from VGMix 2.0 when it was up, but a recent hard drive crash corrupted a lot of files including this. Is there any chance that some of you still got it lying around and can upload it? The original filename is akumajobelmont_-_Have_You_Ever_(down_in_Medivo)(Jazz_Jackrabbit).mp3 Thanks in advance.
  2. WTF, I got an acknowledge too?! Funky Monkey Love has been released in Valentine Edit! Enjoy the pitch change and Vigilante/Liontamer's talented voice show!
  3. Just wanna inform that Krispy's early old WIP from the DKC Arr. Collab. "DeepBlue" has been released on VGMix. So if you got that, trash it and download the new version.
  4. Wonderful, wonderful! In a few weeks I can finally get my credit card...
  5. no, and i'd have preferred not to hear that. neither tune is great, but... some poppy mess better than pure analoq groove? i think not! OK, I was kidding, sorry. I just liked the melody. But seriously, do you have an instrumental version of it? (This question is not a joke.)
  6. LIONTAMER (LARRY OJI) I wAnNa WoRsHiP u!!!!!! U r TeH cOoLeSt RaDiO h0sT eV4r!!! FuNnY sH1T mAn!!! I oWe U mAtEy! i WaNnA hAv Ur email & IM adresses sO i CaN sPaM aNd Ju5t MaIl yOu EvErY dAy! VG Frequency r0XX0rZ. Whew, I got my message out of my head. #31 Peel My Banana, I listened to it all two weeks ago. I will donate you all my money when I get a credit card....! analoq: Did I ever tell you that you ICe Cave Chant beta with Aetherius was better than dodilop do wop?
  7. I am just proud to be a fan of Donkey Kong Country in general and having some of my replies and comments in the project history thread, and impressively proud to hear "the king" respond personally. Imagine you being a big fan of for instance Britney Spears, and you make a "remix project" or something for her album, and she emails you personally to congratulate and tell her own opinions... Wow, exactly what we got here. But it still makes me sad why I didn't participate more than I did to get more honor. Maybe D. Wise himself is willing to join our remixing community and eventually contribute
  8. OH MY FRIGGING GOODNESS!??!!! Is this a fake email (grammar doesn't look very professional) or is the real DKC-Rare/Nintendo staff knowing about OC Remix?! What about copyright? Aren't original VGM copyrighted? (Seems like D. Wise doesn't care about his work being posted here though as "chiptunes".) Wow, I'm speechless ...and proud. I've always thought that original video game music composers were like as big persons as Shigeru Miyamoto etc. Only until I saw Mark Knight (Duke Nukem PSX) and now... mighty David Wise!
  9. Post edited/updated. Thank you. TCK: I sent the link to you, check your PM Inbox. If others are interested, this link: http://smbmadness1.frac.dk/KRool.oggA Delete "A" from extension after download. Reason why is that server disallows certain filetypes to prevent abusing. This file isn't illegal anyway. (I'll let it be up 'till... well, I won't delete it though!)
  10. Great work you two! That's what I want! Mixes that never got a future and are covered by dust in the artists' archive folders, give 'em a try! These are what I have collected in original file names among those posted earlier on this page: aetherius_icecavechant(beta2).mp3 = Aetherius' beta (version 2) of Ice Cave Chant. coconut_panic.mp3 = Shariq Ansari's WIP of Coconut Panic! - A clip from DK Island Swing before the actual melody begins. credits.mp3 = (I can't remember where I got this from, I searched for it afterwards but never found it. It's the only track I don't have a source to.) Dhsu i
  11. The links to the two arrangements rejected by peer review are still active and can be found in the history thread here. As I'll be saying again and again, thank you everyone so much for your feedback. Your support itself has made this project possible. Clearing up my post: I meant stuff like Aetherius' Ice Cave Chant beta v2 & Sadorf's Aquatic Ambiance Demo mix etc. which was abandoned/cancelled and test mixes like these links: Vigilante's "Eulogy at Sea" is the same as "Beneath the Surface", just a name change, and possibly some mix modifications, but still the same structure.
  12. I wasn't actively involved in the project, and I didn't feedback the first months, I just followed the project happily being the audience, while updating my WIPs and currently "finished" Gorilla con Gusto tracks until the project had its final name change, and I was in trouble with some of the regular contributors on the discussion. Many things happened behind the scenes, and unfortunately I was too lazy to gain access to it. I believed that it was their project, not mine, because I couldn't do anything valuable. Until I realized that the word "collab(oration)" means the same as "coorporate",
  13. Oh! That is/was a big loss for you. So it's on time you get the game to know. DK is my lifestyle, I own all Rareware's DK games and also many others including Donkey Kong. I love game music too, especially DK-mixes, Duke Nukem-series, Shadow Warrior and original Jazz Jackrabbit modules from the series.
  14. Binnie also needs to put the link to Rare's website in the last blurb in a new window, and not the small popup window. Anyway I have compiled this useful text-file: (Kong in Concert - Blurbs.txt) NOW people won't miss them!
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