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    Video games, music... videogame music. What else is there to say? Check out the radio show on Weds 11 am cst.
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  1. Hello, My name is Johnathan. I go by blasianFMA online. I attended the OCR panel today at Pax East 2015. I went because I wanted to know more about OCR. I've known about OCR for a very long time (since it started, I believe), but never really dug deeper into the community aspect. I have always wanted to arrange video game music and even try my hand at composition, but I have friends who do it (some here at OCR) and see the tools they have and say "gosh, that's a lot." After today's panel, I was assured that not everyone needs to be a Derek Oren, and my hope was renewed. I came to register and found that I already had a username, so here's hoping to me sticking to it and producing something great. PS, I played Street Fighter 1 and won some stuff. I told everyone my name was Ken, but that was a lie.