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  1. Definitely not just you, this always happens to me every single time. What I usually end up doing is hitting record and then just messing aroudn for a little bit so I don't feel like I'm actually recording, I'm just fiddling around with what I want to play and then when I get it right I happen to have it recorded. For me the hardest part of the whole process is just starting. I'll sometime sit at my computer and not do anything for an hour. What ends up working best is if I just throw stuff down even if I know it's completely different from what I want and I'll end up trashing it all later. Similar thing to if you have to write a big paper and can't get that first sentence.
  2. I would try and see if you could rent one or try it out somewhere before dropping the $2k+ on the AxeFX II, but will also say that having used one a few times you can get some really nice tones out of it.
  3. Thanks guys! Thanks, will give them a listen. I've already been listening to a lot of stuff, like , which is what got me interested in learning more about the music in the first place.
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good way to learn about traditional japanese music? I really want to buy but I have no idea about how to write for those instruments or about the type of music in general. I'm assuming it doesn't use the same tonal system as western music. Are there any books on the subject that are good? So far all I've found is which looks like it could be what I'm looking for, but I'm not sure and not ready to make a $75 gamble. So, does anyone have any advice?