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  1. Still waiting (cuz someone took my tardis) for this album, but I love the new trailer. Also, this should be amazing, cuz disco Dan has recently become one of my favorite artists on here and I hope he continues the great work.
  2. ooh, I'm waiting...im waiting. Wish I'd had the money to help support this album and the many others that are great. Now, wheres my tardis so I can go 2 weeks into the future?
  3. I assume that everyone listening to the first disc donated, but is there a way someone (like myself) who didnt donate can listen too?
  4. So when should I prepare my eardrums for the opus thats about to assault them?? Have you figured out a final release date I mean?
  5. As long as someone gets access, I'll be happy. I am really looking forward to this album.
  6. Oh man, I am so pumped for this album. I hope it hits tomorrow.
  7. Gush away my friend, cuz thats on disc 2 for me. Disco's music is really good music to listen to, I especially love Bubble Man wants to get funked up also...
  8. Dont forget the ending songs.
  9. I also adopted a similar set up; 01 Mega Man 3 'Blue Lightning' OC ReMix (2008 version) 02 Mega Man 3 'Magnet Man Goes West' OC ReMix 03 Mega Man 3 'Hard Man Hard Knuckles Mix' 04 Mega Man 3 'Top Man Hot 'n' Cold Mix' 05 Mega Man 3 'Shadow Man Purple Meltdown Mix' 06 Mega Man 3 'Get Equipped With Strobe Light (v1)' 07 Mega Man 3 'Spark Man Code Red' 08 Mega Man 3 'Snake Man Get Down' OC ReMix 09 Mega Man 3 'Gemini Man All Around The World' 10 Mega Man 3 'Needle Man By Night' 11 Mega Man 3 'Get Equipped With Strobe Light (v2)' 12 Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 1 Into the Fray' 13 Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 2 Hot Pursuit in the Lost City of Wily' OC ReMix 14 Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 3 Impendium' 15 Mega Man 3 'Game Over Blast From The Past Mix' I just cant figure out where to add the Boss Mix cuz it cant figure out which song is the source...sigh. I must be getting old. Anyways, do you know the source of the Boss Song?
  10. This is a great album, is there any track order? And does anyone know if he's done a Boss or Wily Boss theme?
  11. You guys have access to the preview album?? Oh how I envy you.
  12. You guys/girls are awesome and I hope you keep up the great work. Glad you posted those links too, saw Secret of Mana on there too! Is there a release timeframe associated with ether album yet?
  13. So I'm relatively new to your site, but I've downloaded quite a few albums and enjoyed them thoroughly. I noticed you have some Final Fantasy VI songs uploaded yet no album dedicated to it. Is there a reason for that? Is it already considered to be a perfect album?? I would be greatly interested to see what the amazing musical minds of OC remix could do with such a beautiful soundtrack after hearing some of the great stuff from the Zelda, Metroid, Chrono and Sonic remix albums that have been released. Here's hoping! Thanks in advance.
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