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    The Octavators Production Squad (TOPS) of Beyond Z (Joshua Hurwitz) and Vinnie Treux (Vincent Trudel) have each been creating instrumental music for more than 12 years, including solo material and songs with talented artists in their hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Combined we have over 25 years of experience. Our music has been played in 21 different countries in numerous movies, albums and shows. We have the tracks you need for all different genres including rap, rock, classical, reggae, soul and many more. Our soundtracks are great for commercials, movies and videogames. Every piece of music we offer has a unique vibe and feel while retaining the Octavators sound. If we don't have something you like we will customize your very own track! Browse our store @ octavators.com, bump your speakers and we look forward to hearing from you!
  1. This project sounds awesome! Secret of Mana has some of the greatest melodies in VG music. When might this album be available? Are there any songs to preview?
  2. We humbly present to you our 35 track remix of the legendary Super Castlevania IV album: http://octavators.bandcamp.com/album/super-castlevania-iv-the-remix-album
  3. Hey LostChronos. Saw in an old thread that you wanted a Super Castlevania IV Remix Album. Here ya go: http://octavators.bandcamp.com/

    You the man. Super Castlevania IV is THE SH*T.

  4. Hey Castlevania IV fans, if you were looking for a remix album that covers the original 35 tracks, we just answered your prayers. Put down ya chain whips and download the album here: http://octavators.bandcamp.com/ Check out our video too: We would have submitted it here on OC, but we didn't see a way to submit an entire album!
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