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    A gamer from the 8-bit Nes/Gensis master system era. I love all games and especially the music in them. Long live OCRemix!
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    Jason Bagwell
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    Professional Hitman.

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  1. Hey LostChronos. Saw in an old thread that you wanted a Super Castlevania IV Remix Album. Here ya go: http://octavators.bandcamp.com/

    You the man. Super Castlevania IV is THE SH*T.

  2. Hey Mr. Lloyd. Maybe it might be a good idea to put your own music sampler into the site until the Youtube debacle gets straightened out. If it ever does... First I lose a ton of videos on my YT page because they were the property of EMI, and now this shit!
  3. Is anyone here really that surprised? I mean, it's bLiNd. (Jordan to the newbs) He's a bad ass from back in the day and one of my top five here at OCR. (or any other remix site) Keep em' coming man. And I'll download them!
  4. Well, I'd like to say I'm surprised by this, but I'm not. As ALL of Jordan's work if fecking amazing! Hats off again man. This will be in the car and on the mp3 player for a long time with all your others! O_o
  5. It was my pleasure to give to this site that I have taken so much from. I lack the talent, skill, and equipment to mix myself and contribute to OCR, so this is the least I can do.
  6. I just donated $30.00. I love this place. And it's worth more than that!
  7. BGC. One of my favorite artists here at OCR. This guy never fails to amaze me. If samus lacked "caped flight", you my friend, just gave it to her with this song. hats off and much thanks for this. You badass.
  8. 3 hours? Man, you are a savant and Jill is an angel. If I had half your talent...
  9. This is fucking sick Mak! I love Contra:Hard Core. I hope and pray you make an album man. I will grab that up in a heart beat! I am giving you 50,000 Ki so you can throw another one of those Goku inspired Kame kame ha's again! Fucking awesome stuff man.
  10. Damn. To hear these lyrics in slow mo. And to have Jillian singing it. Plus, you have Swederman mixing. It all equals WIN. Going on the good ol' mp3 player.
  11. Yeah, I'm an idiot like that. Zircon knows I care. His music is awesome. You know this man.
  12. We all give a huge thanks for the founding of this site. (*see my sig) 2010 may have been your best year, but I know things will get better. Thank you again for this awesome site and thanks to the REMIXERS that make this site one of my (our) few havens, and also I thank the rest of the folks behind the scenes that I don't know the names of! You ALL rock. Keep em coming!!!
  13. Did you know that in this game, you could reach level 300 and STILL DIE!!!! It was insane. The final enemy was one I never could defeat... Great remix. This is one to sleep to. That's a compliment by the way!
  14. Very weird, and VERY Japanese. The two go hand in hand I guess. I could see this growing on me though...
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