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  1. Thanks for the reply! I agree, that small piano part doesn't make much sense as it is. It just adds a bit of intrest to the track at that point. Maybe I'll try a synth there! Or maybe the piano plays along after that. I'll have to take a closer listen to that other thing though! Cheers!
  2. Megaman 4 - Cossack Stage 3 Remix WIP 'Flight of Rock' https://soundcloud.com/weli/flight-of-rock-cossack-stage-3-remix-wip I've been doing this for a while...and by that I mean I started making this remix a year ago. Then it gathered some dust on the hard drive and quite recently I started working on it again. I thought I'd ask some final input before posting this to OC. Bring it!
  3. Sup! I've been making some random stuff after my MM4 remix (and still working on a new one...) Here's a latest glitch-hoppy track https://soundcloud.com/weli/bai-bai-neko I think the mixing and quality has improved a lot over the years, but what do you guys think? I was quite happy to get this sounding a lot better than my previous tracks
  4. What can I say... a top-notch production and great composition! Very inspiring!
  5. Thanks for all the kindness! I'm flattered that someone got inspired by this! Looking forward for your remix(es) I'm currently working on an other DNB remix of the Dr.Cossack stage so stay tuned. The mix will be more polished than this one for sure...
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I think you all summarized the track pretty well. It's just a 4 bar drumloop, massive compression on the master track due to some lazyness on the mixing side, and overall there's nothing much changing except the additional melodies in the song + the middle part. But hey, that's drum and bass for ya... Next time I'll probably try to remix some other track from MM4 or possibly something from Sonic 2.
  7. Hello! I managed to make my first videogame remix and here's the result: DR.WELI - F***ing up Dr.Wily (Megaman 4 'Last Boss' remix): I think it's quite ready, but there's always room for some improvement. :tomatoface:So, any comments...?
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