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  1. Just saw your Stickerbrush Symphony mix...really great!

    I recently made my first post here too...check it out if you'd like. (You can see it in my profile; find all threads by imazi643, i believe it's called)

    I look forward to hearing new mixes from you!

  2. I'm not great at this, but there's definitely some LFO on the pitch of it, relatively slow attack, and it doesn't seem to have that long a release on it either (going by when he lets go of the notes) When I first heard this I thought it was a vocoder, kinda sounds like a choir sample layered with something else, although from the responses in the thread about the group that can't be true, haha. Maybe some chorus might help with it - it sounds very wide to me. I've been messing with sylenth but haven't bothered using the right notes so can't really do all too well, haha. Sylenth1 should definitely be able to get very close to this though, assuming it's not using any samples. EDIT: Scratch that, re-read the thread. I'd be willing to bet there could well be a choir sample (nexus/omnisphere/alchemy all have these) in there, especially going by the subject matter I'm gonna be trying to get this for ages now, hah
  3. Thank you! Haha, the guitar part was written out with MIDI data and a sampled guitar from Alchemy - I may well remove it and learn to play those chords on an actual acoustic (shouldn't take too long, only hard part is finding a decent mic, hah) but looking back on it, it does sound very artificial, the notes being played well not even be physically possible on a real guitar, thinking about it. I may well go ahead and replace it and try and build up a few more sounds for that bit instead. The ending is something I'll aim to improve on a long with the repetition part - I think it stems from me fleshing out a track by penning in different sections that I want then building the track around that (if I don't do this I tend to end up with a load of short loops rather than a coherent track). I'll have to go in and cut down - or build on - some of the slower-moving parts As for the compression bit, I'm not entirely sure - although I'm noticing it a bit more now, haha. It may be because I'm using tape saturation after the filter that cuts down through that part, other than that I'm not entirely sure. Thanks for the critique, I'm really glad I decided to post here now! I'll throw some updates to it together in the next couple of days
  4. I really like this, but it feels like there's a slight lack in super low-low end, I'm not getting that pressing kinda feel that would normally be there from a bass-heavy genre like that, it feels quite light at the bass end. Maybe layer a slightly distorted sine wave under the track along with the bass notes or something? Quality tune though, really good groove to it. Really looking forward to this when it's finished!
  5. First post here, just wanted to get some opinions and ideas for this, and figured here would be the best place for opinions. I saw no-one had done a complete remix of this track yet that wasn't similar tempo to the original (that I could find), so I thought I'd give it a shot - I've still got tons to learn (this is only the second DnB track I've ever done, heh) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas on here! While I won't ever be able to top the original (my fave track from any SNES game) I wanted to put a bit of a spin on it, complete with cheesy guitar strumming! Feel free to criticise or whatever - I'm aiming to improve so anything constructive would be awesome (obviously anything like "It's shit" doesn't help me a lot, haha )