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    I'm a guy who loves music. Music is life.

    I host my own blog about music.
    If you want to, check it out. The links are somewhere in the homepage part of my profile. You can see some of my favorite artists/inspirations there. I plan to do two weeks of straight OCReMix music, as you guys have inspired me a bunch as well. Not that I'm advertising you guys, because no one is even really on the site. Speaking of which...

    The blog definitely needs more members. (Compared to the 1 right now (me)). If any of you enjoy the blog, please do me a solid and become a member and share it with your musical friends. I'm more likely to post when I actually have a crowd (or another similar term). Thank you.

    By the way, if any of you care, I use lots of stuff (LMMS, Viena, tons of VSTs, Mixcraft, MuseScore, bleh) to do my things and stuff.

    Also, I like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Batman Arkham City.

    Just so you know.

    I don't know why you would want to.

    But just in case.

    Bye. Again.
    For real this time.

    I lied.

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    Andrew S.
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    French Horn
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    Soprano Recorder, Trumpet (Kinda)

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  1. Version 2 is up! http://soundcloud.com/imazi643/bramble-blast-remix-v2 Yes, I know there is a really odd drum thing after the end; I will try to fix that in the next update. Please tell me what you think! -imazi643
  2. First of all, thanks for your reply! I do plan to elaborate on this, though I myself am not sure how far I can go with a progressive/ambient/electronic piece. Keep posted!
  3. So yesterday Bramble Blast was echoing through my head all day, and nearly gave me a migraine. So, in contrast to the aggravation the theme was giving me, I decided to make a kind of ambient/electronic track. Please tell me what you think. v1 http://soundcloud.com/imazi643/bramble-blast-remix-v1 v2 http://soundcloud.com/imazi643/bramble-blast-remix-v2 Take a listen! -imazi643
  4. I assume you've already directly contacted the others about the wip dates?
  5. Try this...(I would suggest one of the polysynth presets) What DAW are you using? I'm only asking to see if you have the same one as I do...for there's an included preset that sounds a lot like the example you gave. Example here.
  6. Anorax, do you have an example of what type of brass sound you need? I have a free brass section vsti that might come in handy if it fits the bill.
  7. So, what's your favorite vgm track ever? Mine's got to be Grand Metropolis from Sonic Heroes...listened to it yesterday; gave me so much nostalgia...
  8. I'm just popping in here to add that the glockenspiel's reverb is really high, and the dissonance is quite annoying.
  9. Bump for an update! http://soundcloud.com/imazi643/synthpop-tree-chop-maple-2
  10. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!! I'm sure that djp and the judges won't criticize this much...I'd say, like many others, submit submit submit!
  11. I really love the chip wip. Tell him he's got some great stuff!
  12. I think you should add some reverb on the drums in the empty sections (esp. 2:14) especially to match the clarinet's reverb.
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