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  1. Palpable, I agree with you but what Meteo Xavier said is true. Let's hope that more people think the same way, then we'll have volunteers.
  2. This post is old already. So i'm here, a year later, to give backup to samx3i. This game has several music that deserve being remixed. As samx3i said the title screen is one of them, but not the only one i would like to hear remixed/covered. The songs are realy short, then maybe a medley (not sure if this is the right word) could be an option. Here is a list: 1- Aero the acrobat - Circus Act 1/Main Screen 2- Aero the acrobat - Another Path 3- Aero the acrobat - Big top battle 4- Aero the acrobat - Cannon Blasting 5- Aero the acrobat - Catch me if you can 6- Aero th
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