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  1. Hello there; I just wanted to drop by and tell the composers that to me, this remix is nothing short of awesome. It is beautiful, just beautiful. I don't care if it's supposed to be off-beat, or if the japanese is somehow incorrect; this track is so good to me that, under the appropriates cicumstances, it makes me freakin cry, no kidding. I play it to help me purge some emotions from time to time. If the people behind this track are reading this, i'd at least want you to know that you have truely touched at least 1 person with this masterpiece. Good job.
  2. Hey, I just got something called ASIO4ALL and I was able to route my input into FL. Thanks man!
  3. Thanks there Splunkle; unfortunately I don't have anything in my "IN" dropdown menu. I am gonna do some research on ASIO drivers. I don't know if I'll find anything for my SB Live Platinum. Also, I don't know which DX drivers would let me do that. Still, thanks your your help!
  4. Hello there! I'd like to know if there's any way I can directly feed the sound coming into my computer to the FL Mixer/FX Processor? I have 3 synthesizers, which are somewhat limited in effects. The plug-ins I have with FL are much better. However, I need to know if the final "mix" will sound good before I record synth sequences... and with all the FX plug-ins I might use, the possibilities are endless. So I'm wondering if I can just feed the sound directly to a mixer track (with activated effects), thus immediatly having an idea of the sound I'm going to have in the end. If that's not directl
  5. The "Cut Itself" is used to prevent a sample to overlap itself. Ex: You have a WAVE file of a trumpet that lasts 30 seconds. Let's say you have a simple tune and you have DO, RE then MI. If you don't have cut itself and you only have 1 second between each note, you will hear three trumpets at the end, right? NOW, if "Cut Itself" is on, the sample will stop playing at RE and start from the RE note, stop playing when at MI to play the MI note alone... Am I of any help? Heh
  6. OK, I warn you, this will probably be a stupid question... When I load a Track from a MIDI file into a Piano Roll, how come the sample doesn't "cut itself" even though the "cut itself" mode is on?
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