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  2. Do you have twitter?

  3. Googling gave me that. It's pretty easy, honestly.
  4. Sounds good. I should be around at least a bit this weekend. Lookin' forward to it.
  5. Sorry about this, I've been ridiculously busy recently. I've actually been on Skype a few times, so I'm not sure why it isn't showing me online. Either way, even just shooting me a message on Skype or OCR works well enough.
  6. therex is starting up a nice mix, and Phonetic Hero has messaged me about potentially doing something in the future as well.
  7. That would be awesome. Probably something orchestral/choir based, as is fairly standard in Zelda music. Basically
  8. You're missing something.
  9. Hey folks. Long time no see. Probably worth mentioning that we're looking for a nice Skyward Sword remix to put on Skyloft, preferably with We actually used that song originally, but it's probably best to not straight up take some Nintendo compositions for the game, so we went back to the generic Zelda theme after Demo 2.1.Any takers?
  10. Feel free to send it to BardicKnowledge/myself. He's doing some central organizing of everything I believe, and I could show any WIP stuff to the team to get some feedback.
  11. I'm still watching this thread, just so everybody knows.
  12. Rex - BardicKnowledge covered it all pretty well. As long as you make the song feasibly loop, we can make it do so. That should be fine. Doesn't have to be the exact song used from that location - Brawl itself doesn't even come close to adhering to that. The most important thing is that the song somewhat fits the "mood" of the stage, I guess. A death metal Pokemon song is cool and all, but wouldn't really fit well on Saffron City 64.
  13. Sounds fine to me! What do you mean? Multiple remixes of the same song? That's kinda iffy. From the same source? Sure. Also depends on stage, though. Some only have two songs on them!
  14. Yes please. That's actually something fairly important that I neglected to mention. We can set custom loop starting points, as in: Imagine the following: A----B--------------------------C A is the start of the song, and C is the end. We can set B anywhere we want, as a custom place for the song to loop to after reaching C. That's all, though. No codas or anything fancy.