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  1. This is my first post in many years The McRib sucks and it always will, do not let Liontamer cloud your judgment denziens of OCR
  2. so you're the new troll of this thread since i've been gone, congratulations on your position
  3. Let's just go ahead and leave these here http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-11-26/anita-sarkeesian-battles-sexism-in-games-gamergate-harassment http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/11/27/An-open-letter-to-Bloomberg-s-Sheelah-Kolhatkar-on-the-delicate-matter-of-Anita-Sarkeesian One of these is rooted in truth, guess which one.
  4. Can't say I enjoyed Wonderful 101. Didn't hold my interest and was kinda clunky.
  5. Why listen to people who know what they're talking about when Sonic It seriously only takes 2 minutes of youtube to figure out these games are crap. If you'd prefer to stick your head in the sand and fund the next crappy sonic game be my guest, but you're only making it worse. someday they'll fire the entirety of sonic team and give it to someone who knows what the hell they're doing.
  6. This is a stupid thing to say. A really, really stupid thing to say. "It doesn't solve anything now" doesn't make it any less relevant to the conversation. You might as well be saying "you're right but who cares?" Your entire platform throughout this thread has pretty much been "yeah she's been at the center of all these things and yeah maybe she did a bad job with her videos and yeah maybe she's fanning the flames of outrage on both sides of this debate but why are you trying to blame her for it? It's not fair, maybe there are details that you don't know about." People who can't own up to their shit aren't good people, or the type of people you want to champion a cause around. You probably shouldn't defend them either.
  7. No, see, it is a productive question. If Anita Sarkeesian were to have not done the things she did, would there be a major culture war going on throughout gaming? Would there be the war of ideologies that you yourself said was unnecessary? The short answer is no. The longer answer is no, and she and the majority of her constituents and strongest supporters have prolonged it with inflammatory, dismissive and frankly hateful propoganda that isn't much better than the people they claim to be oppressed by. Everyone and their mom knows the best way to make a troll go away is to ignore it. To the contrary, they have poured fuel on the flames throughout. It doesn't strike anyone else as oddly coincidental that a woman who has purportedly become a life-long gamer in the past three years and has been calling games misogynistic and problematic for years before that is an instrumental part of the re-ostracization of gaming as a cultural phenomenon?
  8. She's doing bad things and inciting riot but she shouldn't be held responsible for that is pretty much what you're saying Everything she's done regarding this, including the initial Kickstarter for her series, heavily implied and flat out said she was 'a life-long' gamer. People say different things three years later, but it's because one time they were lying and one time they weren't.
  9. what point have you made here Literally everyone who is on the 'right' side of GG has been constantly disparaging and mocking it ever since this started. Ben Kuchera, the head editor at Polygon said earlier today Everyone still making noise on the 'good' side are literally trying to start flame wars to create more proof of the alleged harassment that is 'still going on.' Zoe Quinn tweeted out something along the lines of 'if one more person harasses me I'm going to kill myself' and guess what? No one said a thing, except 'no don't do it oh em gee those terrible trolls what have they done to you' These people already know they're going to win the fight in the public eye. Why not ham it up, stir up some more outrage, and see what more they can get out of it before letting it blow over?
  10. *general outrage over good things happening*
  11. https://twitter.com/shadic

    Technically that, but I never use it.

  12. Special Edition 3DS coming in the UK too.
  13. Do you have twitter?

  14. Hey so I'm making myself an OCRemix Project M custom music pack. Anyone have good suggestions for songs/stage?
  15. really? portal? portal is scary as hell for small kids dude
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