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  1. For the past 10 years, I've listened to one/both of these when I'm programming, photoshopping, sometimes even cleaning: *Mazedude knows this one!! I've heard them dozens of times, start to finish. They never get old. I agree that lyrics are often distracting, but for tasks that require less brain power, sometimes I'll listen to these: Shapeshifting (2011, Young Galaxy) Finally, and I feel weird about this ... I actually listen to quite a bit, when driving or working or whatever. Is that bad? >_>
  2. Damning evidence? Really? Before the domain issue: - Shnabubula welcomed me to contribute in any way I saw fit. During the domain issue talks w/Shna&Mono: - Shnabubula acknowledged my good intentions, and reiterated that I'm an integral part of SNESology. Shorly after that: - Shnabubula apologized, said he was convinced I was good-willed, and expressed interest in putting this behind us. ... The only evidence presented against me so far is a misleading (and in a few spots, plainly false) timeline. EDIT: (I'll gladly itemize if you wish) Please see Shnabubula's responses (above).
  3. Time/energy is not as important as integrity. I made mistakes but never intentionally wronged anyone. I will keep trying to prove that, but it's difficult when they won't talk to me. All they need to do is say, "Yes, we had the same vision." Doesn't even need to be specific, right? But I'm content to make that assumption, with the hope that taking 16bc offline (at least for now) gives them what they want. The hardest part in all this is lack of communication. I even touched on this (politely!!) in the SNESology thread. If they want resolution, as they say ... why on earth won't they talk to me? Ask questions, have a discussion, sort things out. Why can't that happen? EDIT: Forgot to say, thanks DJP, for being a part of this discussion. I appreciate it.
  4. I shut everything off for now, because apparently they had planned something similar. I'd rather they do it, honestly (and I've said this many times before). I never wanted to compete, I thought we were very different projects. I actually viewed mine as training wheels, and SNESology as the olympics. I still haven't seen any public mention of what they plan to do with the SNESology website. Can anyone point me to something on this? Yes they are. What're you talking about? O.o "Soundfont by TSSF" "Soundfont by SleepyTimeJesse" They're credited right on the link itself.
  5. That's fascinating, because they were given back right away (even before ICANN time limit, wow!) on 08-13-2012. The original plan in July was to actually put a mockup of the NPO's content/vision onto SNESology, and give it to Shna. I'd been kicking around the idea since 2011, and when SNESology came about, I didn't want to compete. I wanted to join in, and give everything I could to the project. Unfortunately, we had some misunderstandings (much of it was my fault!), so I immediately cancelled the domains and began turning them over to Shna/Mono/Pro/Aroe. The problem is, since this happened, I've sent dozens of emails to them trying to open up, make amends, do whatever I could to reassure them of my intent. But I never get a response. It's disappointing. What's more disappointing is ... um, where and when did you announce what SNESology will do? I've been trying to figure out WHAT you guys planned for the site since July, and nobody would tell me. I even emailed you saying exactly that: "If you had written back with a plan that sounded just like mine, I was honestly going to just kill my project. You guys are established and connected, much better than I am. I would have rather joined yours and given anything I had to offer. That's the only reason I asked." (Sent to Shna, Mono, Aroe on July 21, 2012 @ 10:50pm) The headline is that I'm sabotaging your project, but ... ... isn't it the other way around?
  6. Gecko!!! /gush /swoon /squeal I love your stuff, heh. It's believable. I'm by no means an authority on all things chip, but I've been building my own brand since May 2012 (just before SNESology evolved from an album title to a full-fledged brand/project); I'd like to think that I've helped the movement along too! Can you help point me toward larger pools (or louder names) in the Genny/FM realm? Would be very cool to branch out properly.
  7. I thought today's casual musicians were intimidated by trackers. Regardless, I've added two trackers to the site. Thanks for the feedback! Much more content will be added as things start turning. Just as there are 2A03 purists in the 8-bit realm, there will certainly be a subset of "16-bit" music that is purely S-SMP/SPC700. I don't see any reason why the two can't coexist here. EDIT: As an obvious logical companion, sample sets will make it to the site very soon.
  8. For what it's worth, Genny music is welcome. SNES is just where it starts, because to my knowledge there's not much of a Genesis/TurboGrafx/NeoGeo movement, nor resources with which to faithfully re-create those exact music styles; should these resources (or greater enthusiasm) come about, 16bc is a fine home for it. It may not be 100% accurate, but as a matter of practicality, SNES is a worthy flagship, and an adequate foundation. Wouldn't you say?
  9. Introducing the 16-bit Collective (16bc.org), a non-profit dedicated to education and collaboration, with free SNES music tools, tutorials, and lots more! http://16bc.org I started this to build a new community for SNES musicians, and fans alike. Please check out the site, give it a like, and DIVE IN! What we HAVE: - Free tools to write SNES music - Tutorials on how (coming very soon) - Showcases of the latest SNES songs - Several new songs already posted - Workshops for feedback & demo tracks - Q & A forums to help you get started What we NEED: - Fans (to listen to our new SNES songs) - Composers (join the forums, post a song) - Critics (help composers work out the kinks) - Gurus (help teach others how to SNES) - Loudmouths (spread the word) - Enthusiasts (lurk freely, my friends!) - Anyone else (everyone is welcome!) The site is in its first public version, so it's not perfect. Feel free to get a hold of me with bugs or questions. Let's evolve the 16-bit chiptune community TOGETHER!
  10. That would be mega-cool! Yeah, technically we should all be tracking SPC's, right? But as long as the DSP sounds okay, how you get there shouldn't matter. Besides programming, VST's may have compatibility issues with certain DAW's, I don't know. You do make a good point, though, about vibrato. SF2 allows LFO to be built-in, and some do have it (even a couple of mine!) but not all. An alternative to VST-driven DSP would be taking measurements like feedback/cutoff, wet/dry, etc. If that was standardized, it wouldn't matter what DAW you're plugging them into. I've actually been helping a lot of people refine their SNES sounds in FL Studio. Here's a demo from one guy who's making great progress: Not bad, right?
  11. Many of the sounds we use can be produced with soundfonts: http://www.williamkage.com/snes-soundfonts-and-samples/ (I have 27 games' instrument sets at time of writing, more to come!) To use the soundfonts, you'll need a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as FL Studio, or freeware like LMMS: http://lmms.sourceforge.net/ When you're ready to submit something to this project, make sure you adhere to the guidelines that they've posted here: http://snesology.tumblr.com/Our%20Mission It's great to see new people interested in SNES composition. Best of luck, and if you want more specific help, please feel free to email me! snes [at] williamkage.com
  12. I'm not sure how that came off as doubting your ability; I have no doubt that you can do it. I offer it as a service to help you and the community: 1) Saves you time, so you can instead focus on the greater goal (VST bundle?) 2) Provides the community (including potential contributors) with additional tools, sooner. Yes, Shnabubula and I had discussed even providing DSP by brand, which is a flippin' cool idea. Terranigma + Capcom Reverb B Contra + Square Reverb C
  13. I've proposed this to Shna before, but it's worth trying again: Can we collaborate to get more SF2's out? I'd be happy to put your WAV's into SF2's (and credit you of course). In particular: Contra Terranigma Castlevania To a lesser extent: Metroid (I have most samples done, just not SF2'd yet) The community would certainly benefit from this. What do you think?
  14. Believe it or not, it wasn't true all along. (I'll email you about this, I've derailed enough heh) But yes! Seven or even six channels. You could always tell when a game was swapping out instruments to save on channels, by whether or not sound effects robbed the drums/etc. I remember scratching my head as a kid, wondering why some games could play sound effects WITH music, and others had to compromise the drums, for example. That's an excellent point, maybe you should add that to the guidelines!
  15. Ah, sorry about that. I hadn't seen the Mission Statement. My previous post was based on the original discussions I had with Shna/Mono back in June, when they were still ironing out requirements; it predated the "Our Mission" page. Back then, I had some very enjoyable talks with Shna/Mono, regarding looping. I'd be interested to hear what others think about this! My stance is that, to truly adhere to SNES, most of the songs should be relatively short loops. There were not very many lengthy (5+ min) or non-looping tracks on real SNES games, except for intro/ending tracks, and rare "cutscene" usage. This makes for yet another fascinating and authentic constraint, IMO. It was lots of fun, being a part of the development of these guidelines!
  16. That's not the point, it's good practice to be professional and respectful in all projects, whether they're commercial, non-profit, or something else. Or, at least that's how I feel. I'd like to comment on this too, since I'm an example. The #1 goal is "good music" and while they may make exceptions in terms of polyphony, DSP authenticity, etc, it's best to stick to the rules as closely as you can. For example, I worked with Shna to improve the authenticity of my DSP, but still bent the polyphony rule a bit with my submission (and I'm grateful for their acceptance of it, despite this). I like that approach. Prioritize quality! After that, it's case-by-case, the closer to "hardware perfect" the better. And holy crap, Shna has got some beautiful settings that seem hardware perfect to me.
  17. Let me clarify: Communication is the issue. I'm trying to point out a problem, and give some advice on how to improve (constructive criticism). I left out most of the details (to avoid drama). I'm trying to help. All I've ever wanted to do, is help you guys. I absolutely made some mistakes (I make LOTS of mistakes, heh), but believe it or not ... everything would have been easier, with better communication. The only reason I came here to do it, is because it's silly not to get a direct response, and here I felt more likely to get one. Ordinarily, I prefer having these discussions privately via email, but that wasn't working. This isn't drama, it's not even particularly bad. Not a big deal, guys. I'm trying to warn you that it may become a big deal because of how much faith I have in SNESology to grow into a very big (and awesome), um, deal!
  18. It's a matter of courtesy, consistency, transparency, and so on. I had fulfilled an extremely difficult request (made by Monobrow), all she had to do is write: A) "Okay, thanks." -or- "I can't address this. Contact Protricity." Instead, I got nothing for a week, despite seeing regular activity from her elsewhere. ===== This is very important, because SNESology is growing (which is fantastic!), and communication is only going to get more important as time goes on. I strongly recommend that all of you (Shnabubula, Monobrow, Protricity, RoeTaKa, and anyone else involved in administrative decisions) come up with a solid procedure for handling correspondence. Successful businesses strive for continuity, in order to make everyone else feel accommodated by a singular entity; SNESology should be handled the same way. It's not just courtesy ... it's survival. In the professional world, especially when email is the sole/primary form of communication, taking time to write a one-line email can make a huge difference. This post is a vote of confidence in all of you, and in the SNESology project; I feel you have tremendous potential, and you're beginning to see some of that success already! But the sooner you iron out details like this, the easier it will be to do so. When the final issue of Nintendo Power features SNESology on the cover, and you guys get 3500 emails, you'll wish you'd made these decisions beforehand. Oddly, I'd actually be relieved if someone said: "We have a great system. We reply right away. And we notify the person if he/she is getting handed off to a different SNESology contact. We just didn't do that for you (it's personal)." Relieved, because I want you to succeed, and I want to believe that the frustration and pain and stress I've faced in the past 5 weeks has been uniquely mine. Knowing nobody else has had (or will have) this problem with SNESology, would be quite a relief indeed. Best wishes - and as always, my inbox is open. (hint hint Monobrow!)
  19. Indeed I do, but you haven't replied to me in a month, lol (incl. several emails of utmost administrative importance)
  20. Who should I contact about my 2nd SNESology contribution? I can't seem to get a hold of Monobrow or Shnabubula. I hope they're okay.
  21. Hello! Quick intro: I'm making new SNES music in the style of Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Super Metroid and more: ==================== Anyway, I just released my album today, and I thought someone here at OCR might find the "SNES Box Set" interesting: William Kage - Halfont (2012) Basically, I wanted people to be able to re-live the feeling of tearing open a brand new sealed SNES box. Do you remember what that felt like? What do you guys think? Is this cool, or lame? ==================== Second ... I'm making soundfonts! I've made quite a few already: Alcahest, Brain Lord, Hyper Zone, Yoshi's Island, etc. The biggest one on my plate is DKC, see the demo here: http://www.williamkage.com/snes-soundfonts-and-samples/ ... but I'm also trying to reach out to others in the community, to learn & collaborate. I've been a composer for a long time, but I'm new to soundfont creation, and I just started making SNES music this year (though I've wanted to for a very long time). ==================== Last but not least, I have submitted my very first OC Remix attempt. It is a remix of "I Was Born For This" (Austin Wintory / Journey PS3) made entirely of SNES sounds: William Kage - I Was Born For SNES It has not quite made it to the judges yet (submitted in early June), so I've been crossing my fingers for many weeks now, heh. I really hope that this will grant me "OC Remixer" status! Fingers crossed!! ==================== Anyone who is into SNES stuff, please say hello! I've been listening to OC Remix for about a decade, but never checked out the forums. It's time to reach out and meet some new people! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
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