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  1. That's how I feel about it. People lie and we never know the circumstances of how easy it was for him to do this. I dunno, never go into these things thinking the person is malicious in their deceptions, just that when it's this much... If he's come out NOW of all times... It's either because someone else was going to tell or it ate him up so much that he had to come clean. Either way, it's good that the truth is out now. Sucks for the hardcore fans of him and the series he has composed for though.
  2. Pumped for fun! We got a suite this year so no more security busting up parties in our room.
  3. Just wanna say, what a cool album to have done stuff for, I'm very happy I got to be a small part of it. Everyone should listen to this (and basically anything by this guy). Happy Holidays!
  4. This thread is now up to date (a couple playlist links weren't working). Contact info is updated... Basically use the e-mail and the inbox is checked by (mostly) Alex Roe. He's your SNESology guy. Also check out all of the above from Phonetic Hero. Coincidentally I made the album art for the above album he remixed the above tune from. Whew I hope that made sense. :J
  5. Forgot to say here as well, Ari and I are also both going.
  6. So glad you got this all together.
  7. Sure. Feel free to PM me any ideas you have. Just an FYI though, I am currently in the process of moving so if I don't get back to anyone until after this coming weekend that would be why.
  8. Super obvious advice is super obvious. If this project is redone though, the pool of talent outside (such as w/ YouTube and the like) has definitely matured a lot since 2005 or even 2009.
  9. Revamping the project has been talked about, but mostly people are involved in other projects that have taken their attention. When I took over, it was during that period where projects were being created about, I dunno, once a week haha. Suddenly everyone had multiple tracks on a number of albums, myself included. One longer album w/ some cut tracks makes sense IMO. We don't have to do every song (this was never my intention) but I kept the track list open in case anything appealed to anyone. I think the biggest problem is that this project never really got a big crowd of people all at on
  10. Go Doug! Man is there anything strange and exciting he hasn't done or aspired to do?
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