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  1. haha well ive already made changes to bells later in the song anyways . Little faster and more reverb. Really though most of what im focusing on is the ending. Cant tell if the Sax VST sounds out of place or not .
  2. Alrighty. I slowed down the bell in the beginning (it adds a lot more to the beginning) which hopefully should help indicate what the beat is. I changed the pacing up a bit, changed the percussion up a little and just added a few effects? or something along those lines heh. I also put in a new end which I think sounds awesome although i really dont know if it fits. Just trying to make it mine! I think something i need to work on just after listening to all this is adding variation in volume to the percussion. Version 2 -
  3. Remix Original This is my first remix I have ever wanted to push. I eventually want to submit it to OC but, I believe there is more to be added. Any advice is appreciated!
  4. Game: Metroid II: Return Of Samus --- Song Title: "Tunnel". A great song that would be cool to be heard remixed by anyone of these talented artist here! Link:
  5. Hello, My name is Braeden, as the name implies and i have been following OC for atleast 3 years now. People like Zircon got me into FL Studio and i have been messing with it ever since. Recently my computer formatted and i did not have enough room in my hardrive to store all my files so i will have to re-download FL Studio. Anyways, my talents are Singing, Acoustic Guitar (Still in the process of getting really good), and Electronic music. Music is just a hobby as I see no real potential in it but, playing is better than not playing so why not join to share a great thing in the world? I enjoy
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