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    I am a producer who, at the moment only has a demo version of FL Studios 9. I have a range of genres I cover, from trance, to melodic, and experimental tracks all the time. I love remixing, although have never remixed a video game song, but this does intrigue me. I love music, art, bmx, free running and swimming, and am always up for collaborations, however have little net access, so bare with me.
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    Norman Rutter
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  1. I completely understand what you mean by that.. I do want to make amazing music, but yes, I'm still not all that well versed musically. I just recently taught myself how to read music, but I can't instantly recognize a c from a d and so on. I can recognize the tone, but not the note. If that makes sense.
  2. It was just my first thought, but I could never do that. I've only been making music for five years, but it's what I love. I already knew that I wasn't decent at remixing when I signed up for it. And Rexy, it's not that she's not supportive, but she's the one who encouraged me to submit my Remix, even though I knew it wasn't anything special. It was my rough draft, but as I explained about my computer earlier, all I really got was that. :/ But, I will try harder next time. Maybe it was the wrong style, or song. Either way, I'm kind of proud of myself for even submitting. I'm normally not very 'out there' with my music, even though I have like..80 songs of my own..
  3. Thanks, everyone. And hey, I mean..someone had to come in last place. But, honestly, it does mean a lot to me that you all gave me such inspiring words. At six a.m. this morning, I was ready to quit music in general. Which, I don't think I could anyways.. I just get rather impatient and over worked about it, and my computer is fried, so when I'm mixing, at any moment my computer can crash. I get rushed, and impatient.. I can say, however, all of the sounds in my song was original production , excluding percusion.
  4. I unfortunately have had no net access, whatsoever. I suppose I missed finding out where I ranked, although I wasn't expecting it to be highly ranked anyways. It was my first Remix, so just trying to do this made me happy. Congratulations, everyone. Edit: Well, I saw my rank.. :/ But, I actually had guessed that would happen. I shouldn't have listened to my fiancé on this one. xD I apologize to everyone for mucking up this competition, as well as for possibly damaging anyones hearing. :/ lol
  5. Just finished up the survey. I was surprised as to how many great songs were there. I only gave three ones, and it wasn't at all to be mean. I wish everyone the best of luck, especially after hearing everything.
  6. I would also like to thank zircon for this opportunity. And as I have said before, this was my first time remixing, and I know mine wasn't the best. Thanks to all who actually voted fairly, and gave everyone a chance. I will [hopefully] be voting this weekend.
  7. Have you decided upon a date for when the competition will begin?

  8. Oh, and Mr. Aversa, I do apologize for not posting my OCReMix ID number. At the time I was preparing, and sending the email, there was some 'temporary problem' with the site.
  9. A little load off my mind, but I'm not expecting anything too grand to come of this. I'll take it as it is; a learning experience, and try harder from now on. I'm wishing you all the best of luck, and can't wait to hear everyones projects!!!
  10. I love how there is sixty five views, and no comments. No one can give me an opinion?
  11. I submitted at about 9:40 this morning.. And I'm certain it's going to get denied. :/ My first ever attempt at any sort of video game Remix. However, I will try to stay positive. Edit: Oh, and Mr. Aversa, could you notify me if you've gotten it?
  12. Alright, I think I will be mixing for the next 12 hours or so.. My computer at home crashed, and I lost everything. So, I'm at a buddies house, and I will be redoing everything. I hope I can finish it, though. x.x
  13. I haven't listened to the edit you made, but the original is great. It's a little too long, in my opinion, but I love the drops, and the flow. Nice song. Edit: I forgot to mention; I also followed you.
  14. I'm loving the feel here. I wouldn't have tagged it as jazz, however, as it doesn't remind me of that. It's more of a soft rock kind of feel, in my opinion.
  15. Alright, first, nevermind the bland (and overused) title. This song actually came to me while I was trying to remix a song for the upcoming Final Fanatsy VI Remix competition. It has nothing, nothing at all, to do with that remix, but I did want to get some feedback, from anyone, negative or positive, if that's alright. I know it's a rather repetitive song, but I didn't want to do too much, or too little. All sounds (except percusion) produced by myself. The synth and bass I created (only using 3xOsc) and the sound effects are various other synthesizers. All on Fl Studio (sorry, no FLP either). Link: http://soundcloud.com/t-mayn/t-mayn-original-the-funk
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