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  1. Hey remixers! I'm a huge fan of OCR and the great community! It's so awesome that this exists! Please listen to that epic video game tune! can't believe this hasn't been rock remix yet... as a fan of instrumental and especially electric lead guitar, it would be very cool to hear a instrumental rock arrange of this great song! I hope some guy like it, like it do Here are the links: or original but not so good version (because some rhythm tones...) Thank you guys any! no matter if some one do it! Cheers
  2. @Cash and Change Thanks for answering Yeah that worked pretty good, it's not that good like with genre info, but thanks! @DusK Thanks for nothing? :S ? @jnWake Thanks for answering Prince of darkness of course... I know him, he is really good, but it's a pity alot of his great songs are recorded on a very low quality ( @psychowolf Thanks for answering I didn't know or remembered "shnabubula", "mustin" and "rexy". the others I already know! thank you! I will check those three! @Chernabogue Thanks for answering Dual Dragons... of course I already know them are they also in OCR? I know them from
  3. Hi all! Because the remixes are not (yet) sortable by genre I may ask you guys if you can do recommandations *EDIT: for guitar driven instrumental rock / metal! I write down all artist I already know I'm pretty sure some of you know also other great remixers and arrangers! I already know: Andy Gillion Ansgaros Ashane BrainCells Brandon Strader CarboHydroM Danimal Cannon Demonstray Dr. Manhattan Ferdk Harjawaldar JAXX Joren de Bruin Kadmium MH Nekofrog NintenJoe 64 Norg Ryan8Bit Scaredsim Sixto Sounds SnappleMan Vertexguy VikingGuitar Dwelling Of Duels Page Thank you guys! OCR rocks! this forum
  4. thank you for answering! ouch, 18 pages :S I go throught the thread and the answer is their is no need for, you can ask the forum members? :S that is definitely not a good solution : / @Rovozian Thanks for answering I actually don't understand what you writting about but sorting by artists is not very helpful i think :S @hakstock Thanks for answering Are all remixes in this forum?? your just the discussed ones? btw I do know a thread for searching of Genre, to test that solution...
  5. Hi there! That's my first time using the forum of OCR! This page is just beyond epicness, but I don't have to tell you guys The whole website is great... Did David or who ever manages this page ever thought about adding genre information to all the remixes? At the moment, I can search and list for game titles, artist names and album titles... But It would a very good tool if you could filter all remixes by genres for example: rock-, electro-, chip tune or orchestral-remixes. For example my self, I'm a big instrumental rock and metal remixes fan and its VERY hard to find songs in this style be
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