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  1. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been made! So, lets look at the two arguments: Pro-Analog -> Claim higher fidelity, "better" sound, organic, dynamic integrity Pro-Digital -> Easier to work with, no imperfections because of medium, allows for more experimentation and new creative directions Personally, I completely disagree that analog sounds better than digital. Firstly, the noise of a vinyl itself, plus the pops you get from the record player are enough to reject that. On top of that, the information lost in an Analog to Digital conversion - regardless of what anyone says - is (neigh) impossible to hear. In fact, the only real drawback I see from digital audio is the loudness war, which is entirely avoidable. WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE.
  2. I'd like if it I can get some feedback on the mixes here: All 3 were recorded without a click, so the feel may be a bit looser than you're used to. Apologies for the poor female vocalist in the American Boy cover, I don't have access to an autotune plugin.
  3. Bad singer can arise from several things; 1) Poor dynamic control - fixed with a compressor 2) Poor melodic ability - fixed with autotune/melodyne 3) Poor rhythmic ability - fixed with beat-detective (and similar plugins) or incredibly tedious but very doable hand-editing. What you CAN'T fix is a shit mic sound leaking into your vocal track. You need crisp, clear vocals that represent across all the frequencies being used, with a low noise level. Mic > Performer Furthermore, if we're talking about the same vocalist (and we are - check the thread title), better equipment is always an improvement to the equation.
  4. I'm looking for the following: Talented guitar player well-versed in Bassist who can play lead lines as well as follow-the-guitar-player. Talented keyboardist with a knack for .A live drummer proficient at both and .Save for drumming, I can try to pick up the slack on any missing instruments (I have a microKorg synth, 7-string Washburn, and a 4-string Ibanez) until we can get a permanent member to fit in. If you're interested and fit the bill for any of the above, throw me a PM and we'll get in contact some way a bit more conducive for creative collaboration than snailmail.
  5. Digital Reference DRV100 makes for a great affordable vocal mic. Comparable to the EV 457B, with less bass response. Runs at about 50 bucks. I've also fallen completely in love with the Sennheiser e906. I've used it to mic guitar amps, bass amps, used it to pick up a high-frequency synth line, and even as a snare mic at the top head (and it picked up the body of the snare beautifully!). If you have $200 laying around and you want to pick up what will assuredly go the way of the U87 you need to get this mic.
  6. (Psychedelic Rock, focus on improvisational guitar lines and layered melodies) (Releases under Sikotik, Epochalypse, and soon to be THD 100%) (Songs mixed and produced by me)/shameless self-promotion Give me some feedback to whatever suits your fancy. I'll be adding a hip-hop beats playlist in the near future.
  7. Fuck the 58, everyone uses it and it leads to a vocal sound that comes off as bland and manufactured. Get a Digital Reference DRV100. Sounds an awful lot like an ElectroVoice 457B, except picking up less low-end. Makes for a great vocal mic as long as you're not trying to get a real bass-y vocal track. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?rlz=1C1AVSG_enUS472US474&sugexp=chrome,mod%3D16&q=digital+reference+microphones&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=16842125153502360460&sa=X&ei=6oq6T8ilLcr1ggemq8jHCg&ved=0CKMBEPMCMAI
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