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  1. Found myself with a hankering to listen to some of that cool, mellow guitar goodness from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. But rather than listening to the soundtrack on Youtube, I figured I would look it up on here and see what people have made. I didn't find a single song. Like, I'm doing the search thing correctly, right? There are ZERO Crisis Core remixes listed here? Right? Weird, man. Weird. Alan
  2. I'm in for one. I totally get where the artist is going. It's fun, and I found myself grooving out while listening to it. Of course, I'm a sucker for chips. Looking forward to getting to know this one. Going straight into the "OC New" playlist. TY!
  3. It seems like forever since there's been a remix I was interested in getting. Thanks!
  4. Sure sounds like fun. Too bad I can't understand the words much.
  5. Thanks so much. Keep 'em coming. This is the stuff I'm looking for. (Gosh I love this community! You put a question out there, and people are right there to help.
  6. Hey there, I'm looking for a few remixes that can be described as: - mechanical - friendly - quirky Remixes that Gato from CT would make, ya know? I've got a number of songs that have the mechanical feel, but they don't sound very friendly. The only example I have of what I'm looking for would be Robocop CPC Zone (man, I love that song). Thanks so much for you help! Alan
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