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  1. Hey, This my project where I made title screen and main menu music theme in Metroid Prime music style. What do You think?
  2. THX for this biggest comment I know that I made not good mix but year ago I had poor skills of synthesis and good mix of matrial. In this track I try keep very similar instruments and I use tr909 samples to make similar drums. It's dubstep drums and bass is in first position very thx for this comment! In future I return to this project and I will make new version. My last remix is tallon overworld IV when 95% of track I make only in use ableton live operator ,other 5% is "recorded to loogbook" voice sample, 3 breaks and 1 crash I think that I can make next remix better than my last remixes.
  3. I think that kenji use EWQL Symphonic Voices to make voice to mp2 and mp3 For example