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  1. Made changes based on Rozo's feedback. Hosting on LANDR now since they don't compress things the same way Soundcloud does. Let me know if the link doesn't work as expected and I'll re-upload to soundcloud. https://www.landr.com/collaborator/register?code=e8ca761d-eeea-4500-afa8-0f0b73ba53a6 EDIT: just realized landr sharing requires viewers to have an account, so I’ll reupload to soundcloud today EDIT2: Soundcloud:
  2. Version 5! Mostly mixing stuff, went through and leveled everything in mono and it added a ton more balance to it. Also widened some shit, and i think it sounds much richer now.
  3. Assuming I feel confident enough in it, yeah, I plan to! I'm also super inexperienced w/ mixing so compression and whatnot and dealing with stereo spread is gonna be a loooong process for me. I'll get there though!
  4. https://soundcloud.com/neoluxx/sanctuary-fortress-remix-v4/s-rP7GW v4! Transitions are better, synths reworked, fixed the piano (i think??), and rewrote the high pitched thing for the second verse.
  5. Thanks you guys! I've made some changes to the piano samples on my own after listening to it on some different speakers. Otherwise, I agree with all the feedback and will hopefully get around to making changes soon!
  6. thanks! i'm still not happy w/ the composition yet but it's getting there! anyways, new version: v3
  7. I'm super attached to this one and really want it to succeed! I'm determined to get it to OCR's standards eventually. Here's v2! Drop has been changed to feature more of the source melody, added extra chops and sounds, changed the drums a bit. I think that's enough to warrant a new upload lmao Let me know what you think! (note: i gotta sidechain a lot of shit lmao)
  8. First time here in a loooong time! I had this summer free before heading into my last semester of uni, and for some reason really wanted to dive into music stuff in my spare time. Using Logic now instead of FL! SOUNDCLOUD LINK v2 v3 It's totally un-mixed and un-mastered. I guess right now I'm mostly asking for arrangement/compositional things before I head in and mix it. also, if any of the synths could use work, let me know that, too! Thanks!
  9. See, when it comes to writing it all--I can hear it in my head, but I lack the knowledge of how to make it sound how I want. I'll watch some tutorials or something and see if I can't replace the parts where you're like "NOT THIS AGAIN" with something less repetitive. c: Expect an update late today or late tomorrow.
  10. So I'm playing around with the vibrato and can't seem to make it sound natural enough to bother with it? Can someone help me out there? I'm using Sytrus in FL, cause I'm cheap and can only afford the default VST's xD I was just using a tiny lfo on the volume, and then I was like 'oh my god this isn't working' and kinda added that same wave on everything out of rage xD So, tips? So, the volumes of each of the instruments aren't in sync with one another for a good mix--I'll work on that tomorrow. And then I need to work on making each synth more expressive with vibrato, reverb, and delay--got it. Thanks so far, guys!
  11. Rozo, omg I posted a mix. D:

    It's my first in a while and I'd love it if you'd critique me like you did a few years back. :3

    It's the Soil Disposal one in the remixes forum. c:

    Thanks so much :)

  12. K, I'll definitely try to add some of those. Okay, so yeah I'll turn down that synth for sure. Do you think just that would help the contrast between :36 and 1:06? Or should I add/change something else? I'll try playing around with all that, see if I can make it sound any better. I never really thought of adding anything else to that synth, but now that you mention it, vibrato could be a nice touch. I'll definitely tweak that. Can you like name all those sparse parts? Knowing me and my personality I'll probably start seeing the okay parts as being to sparse and I'll end up changing things that are okay Thanks so much! I'll take all your criticisms into consideration when I go back to edit it next.
  13. Oh my gosh, this place hasn't changed one bit I have had the opportunity to work in school on some music, and that just so happened to result in me remixing the Red Brinstar theme from Super Metroid, which has always been one of my favorites. Please critique harshly--although I've been playing with FL for a long time, I'm still a beginner and would love to know what I could fix to make it better. (also Rozovian if you still frequent here I'd love to hear your criticism ) Remix: Silt Disposal Source: Red Soil
  14. Blake...Project File?

  15. Sorry... When FL was trying to export as an mp3, all I got was static noise. Wav worked fine, so...
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