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  1. This tune was composed in FL studio, and I think Is really my push towards more proffesionalism in my computer generated music. VST plugin new stuff is working with a great saxophone plugin. getting acquainted with automation, eq, really paying attention to my sound. I hope you all groove out to it, and one or two people pop it on an ipod. enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ty-pearson-1/miami-heat
  2. Dude, words cannot express how valuable your feedback is. i was really concerned about the pad cutting there, if thats what it takes to clean it up for sure i will reduce or change the frequency. as for the leads and stuff, most of those crunches are actually super fast descending notes, so its really compositional laziness on my part not having more of that, but as you say, the song deserves more love! lol i cant say enough how much i appreciate the feedback! thx!
  3. has anybody heard masato nakamura's band, dreams come true? They arent really my thing, but the song sweet dream is the english version/adaptation of the ending to sonic 2. I really like this performance, they sound awesome.
  4. very cool, i most definately can relax on a summer day to this
  5. hahaha wicked buddy! this owns mine i just posted! totally sweet.
  6. This is marble dreams. Im not at all versed in automation or any of that stuff, im more of s straight up composer, so dont expect much for fancy techno stuff. im proud of this one because i didnt even need to listen to the song to rewrite it from scratch. Goes to show how much of this game i played as a kid. Funky ending solo, and some melody changes, including a few riffs that arent from the original.I suppose my retro mind thinks it would be a travesty to change this song too much, but i hope you like it! also im really eager to write solos and stuff for anyone who is a good mixer, but not the best composer. get at me, i have lots of spare time at work to write and dabble! http://soundcloud.com/ty-pearson-1/marble-dreams
  7. wow, i should think next time before putting finished on the thing - this feedback is very very helpful!! I scaled back the snare and it really does sound better! I appreaciate you folks takin the time to listen! thanks so much!
  8. Beleive it or not, I wrote each and every track from the ground up, which let me add some really subtle fills, and proved to be a fun challenge in the time signature... I found out first hand just HOW talented Masato Nakamura really is. I wrote the solo on my keyboard, and then tirelessly replicated it using fruity loops (my program for the whole song). This is my first real remix, I hope you guys enjoy it http://soundcloud.com/ty-pearson-1/casino-lounge
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