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  1. Hey, thanks guys! Didn't realize people here commented... Much appreciated! Since the tune is already well written and produced, I felt an orchestral version would suit it best. (I've actually done more DKC arrangements, so feel free to look them up!) You're entitled to your opinion. No hard feelings! Just thought I'd point out, that I did use lots of inspiration coming from the original track in the second half of my remix. First half of the mix was mostly true to the source. But I took inspiration from the lead melody at 1:38 in the original, to create the string patterns at 2:10 in the remix. Even at the end of the remix (3:32), I used the same notation as used in the source (1:52). Just played it differently. Only reason I'm pointing these out, is because it's not easy to hear the similarities. I was pretty happy with how it turned out and always wanted to share how I came up with these ideas.
  2. Hey thanks MrKyle! I do check in from time to time. So your comments, as well as others, are always much appreciated! I'm thinking this could be a perfect morning alarm, right? Just add some chirping birds with some outdoorsy ambience to the mix and you're all set.
  3. 31,000 views on that already? I'm obviously not doing something right. It was alright, but I'm with WillRock.
  4. Here's my keytar cover for In a Snow-Bound Land from DKC2. It features my expression pedal which connects to my laptop via my midi expression interface and usb. I haven't been able to use the interface for awhile but now got it fixed. Anyways, here it is: For those interested in my version without leads, only orchestration: Here's my piano cover also from awhile back:
  5. Thanks! Yeah I don't think I've heard any remixes of this game yet. But I'm sure there will be more soon, it's a fairly new game.
  6. Was pretty stoked that David Wise came back to compose for DKC Tropical Freeze, so I had to try out the game. Great soundtrack. And I loved this tune, so I spent some time doing this arrangement. My Arrangement: Original:
  7. Just wanted to say, I really enjoyed your Zelda medley that was just posted. Keep up the great work!

  8. Thanks for accepting this! Really appreciate it guys! If I were to change one thing, it would be with the tone of the piano. I always use the Galaxy Vintage D sample library, and for this arrangement I remember I wanted it to sound a bit warm. Rather than bright. You know, I'd love to try out a different sample library sometime haha.
  9. Cool glad you enjoyed it! Good luck with that final haha.
  10. Hey guys, thought I'd share this here. This is a medley for the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy. Here's my references: - I started with Cascade Capers (DKC 3). - There is an Aquatic Ambience nugget with the strings when they come in (around 1:40ish). - At around 2:00 is Stickerbrush Symphony (DKC 2). - At around 4:00 is a melody from Voices of the Temple (DKC 1). - At 4:56 is a melody from DK Island Swing (DKC 1). - At 5:49 is Bayou Boogie (DKC 2). - And the outro has a reference to Hot-Head Bop (DKC 2). I have a more finalized version but will upload that somewhere else later probably. So here's the youtube version with my performance (which has an unfortunate video-sync problem with one track in the end). Hope you guys like it!
  11. I already composed a song called The Reaper of Notes with orchestration, and just finished this version with synths and electronica drums. Hope you guys like it!
  12. Love this song. I'd like to try an arrangement sometime, but I'd have to play the game first.
  13. Thanks! Well I used Logic Pro, Absynth, Galaxy Vintage D for the piano, etc etc.
  14. Hey thanks! I just uploaded an orchestral version to youtube. Anyone is welcome to check that one out as well.
  15. So I recorded my piano cover already for this the other day, and then spent all day yesterday arranging and mixing this orchestral version. I hope you guys like it! My piano cover is in another thread. Here it is for anyone interested, just to keep both remixes separate from each other. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46133
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