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  1. Indeed, a large part of "anthemic trance" is detuned synths, namely made using sawtooth waveforms, but I besides that I wanted to make this sound different from the original, but not fucked up. I don't know, maybe I went too overboard for some people? Anyway, I also agree that it's hellabetter in comparison to the original.

    You have no idea how many different versions of this song I've done since the first... it never seemed to come out right.

  2. Pretzel: starla already has started working on a tutorial (unfinished, as far as I know) and she used a smaller section in it that I had done previously concerning analog synthesis and the use of a couple of the base plugins that you get with FL. I'm not sure if she's still working on it, but perhaps she'd be willing to submit that as an OCR tutorial? What I saw of it was looking really good :o

    If not, then I'd be happy to make one.

  3. The Good:

    I like the synths. Nice FX on them to polish them up, too.

    I love the hats, even if they are FL default samples.

    I'm a big-time synth bass fanatic and this one is no exception. I can't tell, but I believe it's also a default sample, but even so, it's use is perfect in this song.

    The Bad:

    Default FL kick drum. Seems like it's clipping a bit, which doesn't really help...

    Not really all that textural, but that doesn't hold it back too much considering the genre.

    Slightly repetitive.


    A good, fun Final Fantasy tactics remix. Nice work picking out the song, too, because I'd have to agree with DJP in that the original version of this song had the perfect melody for the genre, it just takes a good ear to pick that out.

  4. I'm a huge fan of mutagene's style (which may come as a surprise to some based on my previous remix styles), and this mix is no exception. Every song he's made has a really creepy, atmospheric ambience to it. Typically he goes with Dub, but this Drum 'N' Bass style remix is definitely a change of pace, and a good one at that. Lots of fun skittery drum patterns and lots of cool textures. Fun for the whole, eerie, wacked-out family.

  5. A bit of info about this remix:

    I originally created this track a LONG LONG time ago (in a galaxy far away :P), but I never submitted it because I still had other ones to submit first. However, upon listening to it again more recently, I thought it needed a revamp because it was too boring. So I changed some sounds (namely the strings, they're much better now) and tweaked the plangy (yes, it's now a word) lead, as well as adding the big section with sound FX and fixing the ending. Total overhaul. I did the same thing with my Super Metroid Brinstar remix. Much improvement over it's last version. I also plan on doing this with my Sonic 3 Angel Island remix :) Who knows, maybe we'll even see an X-Buster Mk. 18? :D

  6. Oh my god.

    OH MY GOD.

    In the words of SgtRama: OMTF!!!

    This remix is absolutely beautiful. I've always been a huge fan of the Zeal theme, Chrono Corridor, but this is... :o whoa... All the synths sounds so incredible, the drums go really will in this mix, the bass is strong and doesn't get drowned out, and that little descending arp used at :16 that DJP also talked about in his write-up is SO COOL.

    I give this one an A++++

    Excellent work, bLiNd. Keep on remixing ;)

  7. While it's a great first submission, I have to subtract points for using the default FL drums (I honestly can't stand them) and also for the fact that the chords that are in the very beginning play throughout the entire thing. I mean, I know it's sort of supposed to be repetitive since it's trance, but I can't think of many trance songs that are quite this repetitive... (except for maybe Sandstorm... *cough cough*) Anyway, all in all, I give it 3/5. Definitely room for improvement, but still a good start. By the way, I love how the chorus kicks in at the main section and really widens the sonic predominance of the main lead.

    EDIT: My apologies. For some stupid reason, my brain told me this was your first submission, even when I knew it wasn't since I checked out your other one when I first heard THIS song. So anyway, my brain farted, and I'm sorry. :(

  8. I haven't actually listened to this remix yet. I just downloaded it, but have yet to play it. That's not because I'm not looking forward to hearing it. Frankly, Mr_44 is one of my favorite remixers because he's very creative and has a very professional sound, not to mention it's a sound I typically listen to when I'm just relaxing. Ever since I first heard his Streets of Rage remix, I knew he was going to be making some more greats. So what should I expect from this remix? I can tell you just what: great synth programming, strong industrial-techno drums straight out of the style of KMFDM's newer work, and ingenius use of things that would seem irrelevant to others, as well as production quality that rivals most other remixes and many original songs.

  9. Well, I'm glad to see more Guardian Legend remixes, but I'm not positive, but that first kick sounds a LOT like C_Kick.wav, the default FruityLoops kick. Slay it; let it burn in the deepest recesses of hell. Other than that, this isn't entirely bad. The bass is very gristly, which I like, but the lead is quite normal. Basically sounds just like a square 2-osc synth to me... I do think it drags on a bit too long, though. Plus I don't remember this track from the game all that well...

    All in all, I give it 6 out of 10. A solid first submission :)

  10. WELL. This is really something. I had originally talked to DJP a few nights ago in #ocremix and he told me about the bassline he was working on, and it sounds really nice. The whole song has a great feel to it. Sort of reminds me of the classic rock of the late 70s combined with a bit of discoy funk. VERY awesome groove throughout the whole thing and the bass has moments when it sounds like it's soloing. You can tell lots of time was spent on it. The organ sounds absolutely incredible. I mean, THIS IS LIKE AN ENTIRELY NEW SONG. It's great. I love it.

    I give it 100%

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