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  1. HARD RESET [EP], the collaborative album between Mrsonic699 and General Offensive , hopes to bring you the huge power and richness of the rough 16-bit Genesis/Mega Drive synths, combined with modern flavour and blood-pumping Rock music! It spans over multiple musical genres, composed in a fresh, but nostalgic modern style. You can get it on Bandcamp at [ https://general-offensive.bandcamp.com/album/hard-reset-ep ] for free by clicking "buy now" and entering zero or you can donate and support us to further make more music. By donating you will get extra content (appears in track listing section). Special guest, Sega Chiptune master Jredd joins us for the track "Whisky Gloves" to deliver an authentic song made under the original console limitations! I'd love to hear your opinion on this album, guys. Track Listing 1. Insert Cartidge [Prelude] - 01:11 2. Turbo Computing - 02:18 3. Dimension - 03:35 4. We Rock These Streets - 02:37 5. Whisky Gloves [Feat. Jredd] - 02:52 6. Resolution - 03:43 If you chose to purchase the album by donating any amount you want, you will recieve via e-mail the following bonuses B1. Obdurate - 02:12 B2. In Blissful Ignorance [16-Bit Mix] - 03:34 B3 .vge and .vgm files for "Whisky Gloves" Artwork:
  2. I've sort of incorporated the B section but I've modified it so heavily that it's not really recognizable, I'll take that into account on my future remixes. Thanks for the feedback
  3. Thank you for the feedback! I tend to compress things too much, it's an old bad habbit. I'll also try experimenting with various keys more
  4. I used to have the lead louder but I thought it was too much but now that I listen to it you're right, it should've been louder. Thanks a lot for the in-depth analysis, I'll try to pay more attention to harmony clashing next time
  5. I've released my debut EP in July titled Pixel Clash on Soundcloud and Bandcamp that combines elements from chiptune music and rock music and I'm looking for feedback on composition and mixing. Here's the Soundcloud link for the album: https://soundcloud.com/generaloffensive/sets/general-offensive-pixel-clash-ep-please-read-the-description-for-dl-links
  6. Hello everyone! I've made a remix of Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 originally composed by Masato Nakamura in an indie rock style with electronica influences. Here's the link: Please tell me your opinions. Cheers!
  7. My apologies for not getting back to you yet, friend! Just got off work. Crazy bunch of days. I'll try to get back to you and check out your work when I wake up!

  8. I'm really sorry, I thought if the track is already finished I can post it for mod review. Sorry
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog has been my favorite series ever since I was a child and Sonic Heroes definitely had an impact for me, Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion being one of my favorite from the game. I've tried approaching the song with an electronic remix trying to fit in the level's atmosphere. The state of the track is finished and it will be featured on my first album which will be a remix album featuring remixes from all stages from Sonic Heroes. I'd like to recieve feedback on the track. Also I would like to know if under further development, this track has any chance making into OCRemix. Spectral - Mystic Mansion / Hang Castle [Remix]: https://soundcloud.com/generaloffensive/spectral-general-offensive Original song: Hang Castle: Mystic Mansion
  10. Wow! Thanks, that's really comprehensive and helpful. I've already did some changes you suggested on the track. I've been more focused on the slap bass so I almst forgot about the lead. I should add another layer I've recorded a guitar solo but it was too simple, so I decided to add variations to the slap bass instead of having a guitar. Still you're right, I should've added some solo. I might try and re-record that guitar solo or a synth solo maybe if the guitar doesn't work out.
  11. Remix: http://soundcloud.com/alex_2k88/flying-battery-zone-general Source: Original Song: Flying Battery Zone x Game: Sonic 3&K Ok everyone, I'm new to OCR, And I wanted to share with you my WIP remix. I've had so much fun listening to this piece when I was a kid. I know i'm not a really good remixer and I'm here to learn from the best. So any opinions, tips, tricks?
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