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  1. Ok thanks That clears it up, because I was not planning on making an official submission to OCR only ask for help/feedback and give it (if I can). I'm not good at arrangements and prefer doing covers and "midi-rips" I do it as a hobby, nothing to gain money or credability from, just for my own amusement and learning really
  2. Thanks for the fast feedback I will read up on the things you guys linked. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Also to clarify: I usually just use MIDI as a form och basis to make a basic melody foundation for the big whole. Then i remake those parts by ear and edit how i want it too be. Anywho, thank you
  3. Hi I'm MrTard (aka SirPenguin) and I like to play around with MIDI files in logic pro mostly and try and make some fun things with Final Fantasy music
  4. Hi, I'm fairly new to this site (note: registered 2012 but have never done anything with my login) and I was just wondering some thing. I only have logic pro available on my laptop and I like to play around and make (what I call) remixes of MIDI files etc. Are you "allowed" to post some on the workshop forum and ask for feedback and things like that? I have some things on soundcloud that I'm quite happy with and other things I'd like to get some feedback/help with. What are the rules or like the "unwritten" rules about this site? The reason I ask is because I don't want to be some pretetio
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