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  1. Once the word really gets out, Im sure the numbers will go sky high
  2. So did something happen? The kickstarter page is saying that the OCR project is no longer available?
  3. So, first time poster, though long time listener and enjoyer of the efforts of the many talented artists that have contributed over the years to make this such a great music site. I dont know any of the people her personally, though ive met various people at various anime conventions, concerts like Distant Worlds, and those type of venues. They seem to honestly love what they do for the sake of doing it and not a "fly by night" situation and for that im glad. Two days ago when the kick starter first popped up, I was giddy as a kid again, FF6 being my fave of the series. I plastered it all over my facebook, put the word out to friends (who im sure in turn put it out as well) and then plunked my $50 down for the (at the time) 4 disc set. I did this knowing full well that: A> I could get it for free with out the frills... B> If I waited long enough, I could gotten it for free and someone would have posted the "frills" somewhere online. C> That if the album went "crazy" (which in this case it appears to have) that OCR would stand to take in a lot more money than they initially thought. Let me tell you just a small tik about me (so as im not some nameless 12 yr old bla bla). Im a 35 yr old anime fan and gamer who maintains a 70k /yr salary and I like to collect things related to said hobbies. Sometimes its trivial things, gatchpons, and gundams, Other times I kick in to stuff like this I think worthy. I still have the "Project Majestic Mix" from KFSS studios that I kicked in for with a bunch of others. So when I saw the option to have a physical "thing" in my collection, and not just a list of mp3 / flac files on a server drive. I didnt hesitate, And I hoped that the KS would fully fund (which it did SOUNDLY). You know what? Good for you OCR! Frankly if after they fulfilled the obligations setforth by their objective (making the album) the the leftover, hell they could do what they wanted to with it and that seems to be whats either pissing or scaring people. You know who else take in a TON of cash based on "non-profit" claims and spends it crazily? The church, but thats for another time. I dont think the integrity of the OCR staff is so thin that they are gonna friv this extra money away...they know who made such and outpouring possible, the fans...And im pretty sure the fans knew damn well what was involved when they pledged to support OCR's album. So in short, if its none of your business on what gets done with the money, where it goes, or how its budgeted, get your nose out of it! If you were this concerned (especially over $50) dont donate, and wait for the free posting that they already said would be available. Who knows, that extra cash they could decide the make the album of an even higher quality visually and audibly. Cant people just appreciate the work these peps are trying to put out for the masses? Think SE is gonna do it? Riiiiight...and hows that FF7 remake coming? Gratz on the kickstarter OCR, Sure you'll put things to good use and blow peoples socks off. /steps off soapbox.