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  1. Here is a cello arrangement of Distant Thunder, from Secret of Mana. It's one of my favourite songs from the game, and sits so nicely on the cello. I did transpose it a fourth down so that it would sound more "open." I also tried to apply music theory knowledge to this one. I'm pretty happy with the beginning, but not sure how to continue (like, what parts I should repeat/extend), or if there are any technical issues (like...does it sound okay?!). SO ANYWAY here it is on tumblr:
  2. Hey everybody, I posted about this before, but in the wrong place, so here I am again, sharing my Kickstarter project. It's basically an idea for an album full of video game songs I love (such as the magnificent theme from Shenmue) reworked and arranged to sound awesome on the cello. (And with input on how to professionally record this from the incredibly helpful internet community.) Think: CELLO VIDEO GAME ORCHESTRA. Here's a link to the project. Anyway, the kickstarter only has about 33 hours of life left, and $900 to go before it is funded. Go ahead and take a look if you are interested! There are some nice prizes for those who donate Thanks for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, or requests for what you'd like to see on the album, feel free.
  3. Thank you! You sure know how to make a gal feel welcome. <3
  4. Here's some composition work -- done with the computer mic and Audacity. I did a little candenza in the beginning, and made it a little more "cellistic" with some arpeggios. What do you think of the arrangement? I ran out of time to tweak the intonation today, but I plan to tweak it after getting some of the tools you guys recommended. Chris -- Thank you for your recommendations! The microphone is a bit out of my price range, but *fingers crossed* if I get a job soon I'll go for it. I'm thinking of borrowing my friend's nice mic and seeing how that goes. I love your recordings! Do you play viola, too? I can see now that the reverb does make it sound like the space is better, like it was in a church or something. Calum -- I'm usually placing my microphone in front of the cello, about two feet away from the f-holes, where the sound comes out.
  5. Thanks a lot for your critique! I was super nervous posting 'cause I respect the quality level here so much -- now I know I made the right choice asking for advice. I think I'll try to expand more on the themes creatively. The reason I chose JENOVA is because I loved the fast pace of it, but maybe I can try to make it more expansive. Possibly more classical-sounding, like a cello cadenza? I'll do another take and try to upload it tomorrow. DAW? I'm using Audacity to put things together. It gets the job done, but without much finesse. Is there something that you would recommend over that? As for my mic, I was using the computer mic for the samples in the video as well as a small recording device I have. It's an Olympus Digital Voice recorder ... I know... x_x
  6. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I'm working on a kickstarter project to make cello arrangements of various video game songs and someone told me it'd be good to mention it here. The link is here: Here's a list of tracks I plan to include on the album: Final Fantasy VII: JENOVA (here's a sample: Super Mario RPG: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Opponent Crash Bandicoot: Wizards and Lizards Shenmue: Sha Hua's theme Chrono Chross: Scars Left by Time Chrono Trigger: Main theme Shadow Hearts: Brain Hopper Legend of Zelda: Overworld theme Super Mario Brothers Medley Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney medley Tales of the Abyss: Karma Seiken Densetsu 3: Walls and Steels Secret of Mana: Distant Thunder Anyway, if any of you could offer some input or critique, or if you decide you'd like to pledge to the project, I'd be really happy! -Mad
  7. Hi there, I've lurked around on this site a little bit, not really sure if it was for me or not -- I play the cello and make instrumental arrangements of video game music, but I'm terrible at the electronic side of things. At any rate, thought maybe I'd come out of my shell and say people seem so nice and helpful so I thought maybe I should share some of my stuff here after all.