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  1. Hey Everyone, Well, I finally got another reply back from Irategamer. I asked him what remix he was referring to, here on Ocremix.org, that he used as his intro music. It seems as though he either forgot my original question, or has more devious intentions, since he simply said to search for "Ghosts and Goblins". Taking his advice, I did search for Ghosts and Goblins here...downloaded the two available remixes for the NES game...and listened. Neither one had anything to do with the "intro" I asked for, but one -was- the clip used in the -middle- of his Ghosts and Goblins review. As for
  2. Greetings All, Been watching some of the game review videos made by Irategamer over at YouTube. I asked him what the intro music was that he used to this video: ...and he responded that I should come here. Unfortunately, he never took the time to actually tell me the NAME of the remix that he used as his intro music. I know that it sounds like "Requiem for a Tower", a remix of a piece by by Clint Mansell, but thats as much info as I have. I PMed Irategamer back asking him for a specific remix name, but i've gotten no response as yet. Any help on this would be most appreciated, as I
  3. Salutations Everyone, A song that showed great promise, but had a disappointing ending. Everything up til 1:40 was awesome. The original score, revamped with new instruments, and sounding great. However...after 1:40...things just got too abstract for me. The overall sound wasn't anything like the original. It felt like I was listening to a different song in some parts. That aside, it is still an excellent remix attempt. My own personal preference is a remix which is more on-target with it's original score, but that's just me. If your in the market for the original tune, with a differen
  4. Hi All, Lots of comments on this one already, but i'll add another for good measure: This is one of those "listen to late at nite, with all the lights off" kind of songs. As others have said, playing this in your car is definately enjoyable, but can have "speeding ticket" side effects. Not having listened to any bona-fide "trance groups", I don't know what the genre truly sounds like. That aside, this remix remains true to the original score but takes it to the next level with a faster pace and "spookier" instruments, which I liked. If your a fan of the Jenova Theme, then this is a must-
  5. Hello All, Yet another remix that took a classic song, ramped up the beat, and added a "spirit" that I cannot find words for. "Consistant", i think that befits this remix. It sets a pace and mood that has it's own life, but doesn't overshadow the original score. If your looking for a Gerudo Valley remix thats consistant and remains true to the original, but has it's own feel, then this is the song for you. Grats on a "playlist worthy" remix. (Side-Note: For those of you with a CreativeLabs MP3 player, or soundcard, listen to this using the Theater audio setting. The depth and echo....*
  6. Greetings All, Not being a remixer myself, and not knowing the names of instruments and such, my comments will sound generic at best. This is a good example of a remix which takes a good song, adds something to it, but doesn't take away from the original. It sets a somber mood that befits it's title, and the part of the game from which it was taken. I really liked the ending with the original megaman theme excerpt thrown in. A VERY nice and "old school" touch, one I won't soon forget. If your looking to relive how you felt sieging the first Sigma Fortress stage...and seeing "zero's sacri
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