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  1. Just thought I'd point out to frobnitz, Ebonyks, Christopher Blue, and anyone else: There are some programs (e.g. Unphuck) that you can use to chop off chunks of MP3s without decoding/recoding (which would result in a bit of sound quality loss). I'd recommend doing that instead of decoding to wav, etc. It'd be a shame to mess up the rest of the song at all. As for the remix: Yes, the intro is kind of amusing once or twice, but not something I'd want to hear every time through the playlist. So, guess I'll just circumsize my copy. The rest of the song is quite good, nothing particularly wrong with it, though it doesn't really have much to make it stand out from all the other trance that exists in this world. But that doesn't keep it from being enjoyable. Nice and sonically dense, it is.
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