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  1. Apologies if I'm digging up an old thread. A "big band thread" was pointed out to me and I'm hoping this is the one they were referring to! As spotted either on my profile or in my welcome post, I play trombone for a our local brass ensemble and I've just joined a Symphony Orchestra. If you are still looking for trombone players, I'd be happy to help out! The only recording of me playing on the web can be found on my YouTube channel...
  2. Hello! I never really know what to write in these types of topics because either people know me elsewhere or I have really got anything thing interesting to introduce with. Name: Simon Shirley Age: 27 (but not for much longer!) Gender: Male (although my full name would suggest half-male!) Normally online as: foreversonic By day, I'm a programmer for a promotional marketing and fulfillment company - the business behind the cashbacks, money-back guarantees and instant wins. By night, I'm second in command over at RadioSEGA. Currently working on the 8th version of the website while adding new things to the current site, and breaking the servers in an attempt to bring new features. Also host my own radio show over there on Friday evenings where some of the music here is played, as requested. I'm a trombone player and handbell ringer mainly although I like to pick up my guitar, ocarina, treble recorder and Etherwave theremin at home. Just started out with DAWs and so getting feet wet with remixing. I've submitted a couple of tracks in but they are in the process of being heard as I know the judging panel are busy. Fingers crossed!!