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  1. The Full Pack https://www93.zippyshare.com/v/dv5K0xMT/file.html
  2. Hi,i use that FF7 Soundfont,the clarinet sounds different if it can help you : https://www76.zippyshare.com/v/SdWbqpSu/file.html
  3. Soundfonts are always great,because they're fun to use,don't hesitate to share these,yours can be different and interesting,even if FF6 & CT ones already exists of course. I shared some soundfonts here : https://ocremix.org/community/topic/46693-i-made-some-game-soundfonts/
  4. Okamiden Soundfont is here : https://www4.zippyshare.com/v/8BeWH8Ex/file.html
  5. Hi,there are a lot of ways to create soundfonts,it depends on which system the game that you want was made for,tutorials are easy to find on Youtube just by typing "Ripping[insert your system]instruments/samples/sounds/data" or whatever we call it,after that,you'll find the programs to do that stuff. VgmTrans & AwaveStudio are great to start with.
  6. A Soundfont is a collection of instruments samples who are stored in one file at the end for an easy use in your DAW,instead of having a lot of wav files to deal with.
  7. Tell me your requests and i will do what i could. I tried so hard to get Soukaigi instruments,but i can't find a way to have them,got into some PS1 ripping tools but nothing...it's fun,time-consuming,annoying and positive at the same to try those tricky things,even more(like me)when knowing nothing at all about that stuff. I think if someone knows about all that,it will be VERY useful for everybody. + Koudelka added : http://www113.zippyshare.com/v/CRQattma/file.html
  8. Hi,i want to share these soundfonts that i made : Chrono Cross Chrono Trigger (There is already one by TSSF but some instruments are missing) Final Fantasy 9 Secret of Mana (Credits to Blitz Lunar for the original one,i just cleaned the Distorted Guitar,Flute and Fingered Bass,now they sound correctly) Seiken Densetsu 3 http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/vy8oaDHQ/file.html Enjoy !
  9. I hear a lot of the final boss theme from Final Fantasy 3,inspired by it i guess? I think it can fit on a Megaman game,one thing i like so much(and i'm not alone)is when people are creating original music using 16-Bit soundfonts,just like William Kage does,to bring that retro feel and unique/nostalgic sound.
  10. I think making music on a computer is not a problem or a negative thing at all to bring something to the listener,of course it's different to play a real instrument on live because the feeling isn't the same,but i disagree with people who claim that a music made on a computer isn't a "real one",especially nowdays with amazing and large VST that are available who offers breathtaking quality and a professional audio,i know that's not the point but I wanted to say it anyway,i'm not a musician,but i think that a good music can be made with everything as soon as we can master the material we're working on. To return to your music,it feels "programmed" because of the generic guitars chords and the basic structure in general,i liked the pan flute and percussions at the beginning,the ambience after is good but needed more ideas(more instruments at low sound like you did).
  11. Hi,here's a music that i made,tell me what do you think please :
  12. Bonsoir,j'ai écouté ton album,j'aime ce style léger,minimaliste et "ambiance douce" qui se dégage,un peu à la Hiroki Kikuta(je ne sais pas si tu t'en es inspiré?),mes préférées sont : Cold Balance / It's Rainning / In Leaves / Stay in the village Tu es autodidacte,c'est toujours excitant et intéressant de se lancer d'un seul coup dans quelque chose,sans spécialement avoir de formation/connaissance musicale,j'essaie aussi de composer quand les idées flottent dans ma tête,sans être musicien et sans savoir jouer d'un instrument par contre(l'inverse de toi quoi ^^),c'est plaisant de voir sa musique prendre forme petit-à-petit donc voilà,bon courage à toi pour la suite.
  13. Hi,i want to share my music,tell me what do you think about it,thanks :
  14. Hi,here's my last music,what do you think? Adding an other one :
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